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Animal Caregiver I - Night Shift (Chimpanzees)

Hiring Organization:
Chimp Haven, Inc.

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Job Classification -
Shift: Night Shift Monday through Friday – 4pm to 1am – Full time
FLSA: Non-exempt
Risk Level: 3

Primary Function -
Provide care for the chimpanzees and their housing areas and improve wellbeing and prevent disease by close observation of chimpanzee behavior and careful cleaning procedures. Most duties performed under direct supervision.

Duties and Responsibilities -
•Wash produce, prepare diets, provide diets to the chimpanzees.
•Sanitize enrichment items.
•Clean and sanitize chimpanzee housing areas and support areas (kitchen, equipment, produce cooler, breakroom, storage areas, feed/bedding storage, related areas).
•Use cleaning equipment.
•Remove and replace bedding.
•Observe chimpanzee behavior and appearance. Report unusual behavior or injuries.
•Perform incremental animal checks (every 4-6 hours).
•Transport food, bedding or supplies from storage areas to animal areas.
•Maintain records of health, behavior, cleaning, etc.
•Provide enrichment to chimpanzees as directed.
•Provide training to chimpanzees as directed and complete minimum requirements for positive reinforcement training program.
•Participate in educational programs as directed.
•May assist behavioral or veterinary staff as directed.
•May maintain inventory of feed, bedding and cleaning supplies.
•May administer medications and treatment as directed.
•Perform related duties as required.

Supervision and Responsibility -
•Works under direct supervision of colony manager and animal care supervisor or senior animal care staff.
•Does not supervise anyone.
•Performs tasks as assigned.
•Relies on pre-established guidelines.
•Primary job does not typically require exercising independent judgment.

Education and Experience Required -
•High school diploma or GED required.
•Ability to work in a team environment, follow directions, and communicate effectively.
•At least 3 years experience around animals or two years experience with nonhuman primates required and must have aptitude for the care and wellbeing of animals. A combination of four years related education and nonhuman primate/chimpanzee experience can be substituted for the education/experience requirements.
•Must be able to read and follow written and verbal instructions and write legibly and accurately.
•Duties may require driving Chimp Haven vehicles, and must have a valid driver’s license and meet Chimp Haven’s motor vehicle operating standards.
•EMT/Security training/medical terminology/experience preparing and administering medications to animals.

Other requirements and working conditions -
•This work will require bending, carrying, kneeling, lifting, listening, pulling, pushing, reading, speaking, squatting, standing, stooping, stretching, walking, watching and writing.
•Must be able to routinely lift and carry 50 lbs for short distances. Must be able to assist in lifting chimpanzees (up to 75 lbs.).
•Duties may require driving Chimp Haven vehicles, and must have a valid driver’s license and meet Chimp Haven’s motor vehicle operating standards including a good driving record.
•Work may involve considerable outdoor work in various weather conditions.
•Potential exists for animal bites and scratches.
•Potential exposure to unpleasant odors, animal wastes, animal tissues and body fluids, toxic chemicals, zoonotic diseases (tuberculosis, shigella etc.), infectious agents (Hepatitis B,C, HIV, etc.).
•Weekend, holiday and night work may be necessary.
•Participation in a medical monitoring and surveillance program that includes hepatitis B and other inoculations is required.
•Safety training, equipment, clothing and supplies will be provided.

Passion for wildlife and conservation preferred.

Chimp Haven offers a competitive salary and an excellent benefit package based on education and experience. Send cover letter, salary requirement and resume to: or fax to Human Resources Department @ 318-925-5600.

Chimp Haven is an equal opportunity employer.

Contact Information:
Human Resouces
13600 Chimpanzee Place
Keithville, LA 71047

Telephone Number:

Fax Number:


E-mail Address:

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