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Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP) internship

Hiring Organization:
Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP)

Date Posted:

Position Description:
The purpose of the internship is to assist GRASP in the creation, implementation, and analysis of major programmes designed to ensure the long-term survival of great apes in Africa and Asia. GRASP is seeking dedicated, innovative individuals to work with GRASP and the 2013 activities on specific GRASP projects at GRASP headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

Interns will receive the opportunity to learn about the workings of the United Nations (UN), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), GRASP, and the field of practical conservation, and to participate in projects focusing on a wide variety of disciplines in biodiversity conservation. It will also permit GRASP to implement projects that make best use of the intern’s skills, experience and interests.

The intern's duties are flexible and will depend to some extent on the intern's own experience and interests, but may include those listed below:

• Draft project concepts, proposals, and implementation agreements on subjects relevant to great ape conservation; such as ecosystems services, post-conflict environmental cooperation, conservation finance, climate change, biofuels and carbon offsets
• Assist in the preparation of GRASP workshops to take place in the great ape range or non-range countries
• Assist in the development of project proposals to a variety of donors
• Gather and analyse data relevant to GRASP projects
• Assist in the implementation and management of GRASP projects
• Liaise with GRASP partners to ascertain their needs for assistance from GRASP
• Research information on ape priority populations and sites in Africa and Southeast Asia, their needs and the threats they face to assist conservation partners
• Help GRASP staff formulate solutions to threats faced by great apes in the wild
• Assist with preparations for GRASP Executive Committee meetings
• Assist with ad hoc GRASP meetings and workshops and prepare meeting minutes if required
• Provide remote technical assistance and regular communication liaison within the GRASP Partnership and with members of the public
• Undertake other tasks as required, and in accordance with the intern's interests and experience

The intern must have experience in project management, marketing, international relations, environmental management, communications or relevant fields.

The intern must be enrolled in a first-level university or advanced university degree programme.

GRASP interns receive USD $100 per month and limited U.N. benefits.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):

Term of Appointment:
3 months / 6 months

Application Deadline:
February 15, 2013

Contact Information:
Doug Cress
P.O. Box 47074
Nairobi, none 00100

Telephone Number:


E-mail Address:

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