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Field Course in Primate Behavior and Ecology

Educational Organization:
T.R.E.E. Field Studies

Date Posted:

Program Description:
Our month-long course is designed to teach undergraduate and graduate students the basic skills needed for the study of wild primates. Throughout this course students learn techniques in ecological and behavioral data collection through (1) a series of field-based assignments and (2) completion of an independent study project on one (or more) of three primate species native to the area: Ateles geoffroyi, the black handed spider monkey; Cebus capucinus, the white-faced capuchin; Alouatta palliata, the mantled howler monkey. Students are free to construct their own research project or do one on a topic of our suggestion. Students may work as singles or in groups of any size; as they desire. Faculty members are happy to help students at any stage of project completion. We will gladly help operationalize ideas, accompany students into the field, and help analyze data.

Entrance Qualifications:
GPA of 3.0
See website for further details:

Tuition / Fees:
$2795 USD plus airfare

Support (scholarships, travel):

Start + End Dates:
June 6th - July 7th, 2013

Application Deadline:
March 15, 2013

Contact Information:
Dr. Lorna Joachim and Dr. Grainne Michelle McCabe
Costa Rica


E-Mail Address:

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