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Field Course in Primate Conservation

Educational Organization:
T.R.E.E. Field Studies

Date Posted:

Program Description:
This course will focus on the issues facing the conservation of primates in disturbed and threatened habitats, including an examination of the complex problems arising between primate habitats and neighboring human settlements, as well as deforestation and hunting. Students will observe numerous primate species including white faced capuchins, howler monkeys and spider monkeys. Throughout the course, students will learn techniques to observe wild primates and collect ecological and behavioral data, as well as basic conservation biology theory.

As community interaction and involvement is key to primate conservation, we believe it is important to attempt a basic understanding of local languages. As such, Spanish language classes will be held throughout the field course and student participation is required.

Entrance Qualifications:
GPA of 3.0
See website for further details:

Tuition / Fees:
$2795 USD plus airfare

Support (scholarships, travel):

Start + End Dates:
June 6th - July 7th, 2013

Application Deadline:
March 15, 2013

Contact Information:
Dr. Lorna Joachim and Dr. Grainne Michelle McCabe
Costa Rica


E-Mail Address:

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