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Primate Coordinator

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Position Description:
The Organisation
The Centre for Education, Research and Conservation of Primates and Nature (CERCOPAN) is a UK-registered Charity (Reg. No. 1116955) with operations in Cross River State, Nigeria. Since 1995, CERCOPAN has worked to conserve Nigeria’s primates and rainforests. Taking an integrated approach to conservation, CERCOPAN’s work benefits monkeys, communities, and the rainforest to ensure long-term sustainable impact. CERCOPAN has two sites: our administrative and primate rehabilitation headquarters in Calabar, and our conservation centre at Rhoko, Iko Esai.

Rhoko Forest, the base for CERCOPAN's forest conservation and research programmes, is located approximately 90km north of Calabar. It was established as a result of a long term agreement with Iko Esai community. The site is home to more than 60 semi-free ranging forest monkeys, and an array of wildlife including pangolins, wild putty-nosed guenons and red-eared guenons, mona monkeys, bushbabies, duikers, golden cats and drills. Forest patrols are carried out 24/7 to ensure no illegal activities take place in the area, and research and education are carried out to help us work towards our overall goal of working for primate conservation and the preservation of biodiversity. Of primary concern in our programming is primate conservation, biodiversity research, forest management and conservation of tropical rainforest.

The Position
CERCOPAN is recruiting for a Primate Coordinator, based in Rhoko Forest, to start as soon as possible. The Primate Coordinator will be responsible for the supervision and management of all Rhoko primate captive care and research (both rehabilitated primates in captive enclosures and resident wild primates), including supervision of designated research and primate care staff, with input from the Rhoko Protected Area Manager.

The Primate Coordinator is to ensure the well-being of Rhoko’s captive primates (mona monkeys and red-capped mangabeys) including monitoring of dietary variety, enrichment, and group interactions; to communicate with primate caretakers to ensure optimal care is given to captive primates; and to oversee primates newly arrived from Calabar and ensure they adjust well in their new environment.

The Primate Coordinator - together with the research assistants - will collect behavioural data on captive and wild primates according to formulated research questions, and perform data entry and analysis; as well as coordinate additional research projects (incl. phenology, rainfall, and NTFPs).

The Primate Coordinator will provide monthly reports and photographs, and where possible assist in identifying funding opportunities for the Rhoko research programme.

- Degree in ecology, zoology, animal behaviour and a Masters Degree in a relevant subject
- Significant research and data analysis experience
- Experience working or living in developing countries
- Experience living in remote conditions, preferably in forest environment
- Interest in Conservation/Primates
- Culturally sensitive
- Good communication and organisational skills
- Ability to commit for minimum 1 year
- Responsible
- Patient
- Independent
- Physically fit
- Able to work independently
- Able to manage own time effectively
- Flexible attitude
- Dedicated
- Problem solver
- Team Player

Room and board, and in-country visa arrangements are covered for a 1-year contract. Flights, initial visa arrangements, insurance etc. are the responsibility of the volunteer.

Term of Appointment:
1 year minimum

Application Deadline:
Position open until filled.

Please send covering letter, references (preferably email contact) and CV to

For further information, please see the CERCOPAN website and our Facebook Page

Contact Information:
Nicolien Schoneveld
4 Ishie Lane,


E-mail Address:

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