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Primate Behaviour & Ecology Field Course in Borneo (Danau Girang Field Centre) 2013

Educational Organization:
Danau Girang Field Centre

Date Posted:

Program Description:
Tuition will be given in the following areas: radio-telemetry of diurnal and nocturnal primates, habitat and phenology sampling, methods in behavioural observation, primate census methods, GPS, primate endo-parasites analysis, and acoustics.

In the first week, lectures will be given that introduce concepts in primate behaviour and ecology, current topics in primate research (with special focus on primate behaviour), and a range of research methods. At the end of the first week, the students will develop their own research projects and apply one of the taught methods to collect their own data. At the end of the course, the students will give a mini-presentation about their project and write a project report. In addition, the students will learn how to write a research proposal in a series of lectures and practice sessions. The final research proposal (supported by the student’s preliminary results) could be used to apply for MSc or PhD studentships. You may be able to arrange independent study or dissertation credit from your university.

Entrance Qualifications:
A moderate level of fitness is required for forest trekking to be carried out through sometimes boggy and swampy terrain.

Tuition / Fees:
£1000 for 2 week field course; Costs cover: transportation to and from the field centre by bus and boat from Sandakan Airport, your accommodation and meals/drinks at the field centre during the two weeks, a conservation fee, fuel for boat trips, and the use of the facilities (including laboratory space, electricity, running water and internet). The cost does NOT include a round-trip international and domestic flights.

Support (scholarships, travel):
Funding may be available from your local council. Students attending from one University, School or College may be eligible for Royal Society or British Ecological society expedition grants. Use Google to search for youth expedition/ conservation grants. Education/transferable skill stipends may also be available from your local town council, county or school.

Start + End Dates:
20 July - 3 Aug, 2013

Application Deadline:
31 Jan, 2013


See also: or visit us at “Danau Girang Field Centre” on Facebook to see what is currently happening at the station and to see more pictures of the site and surrounding wildlife.”

Contact Information:
Danica Stark, none
United Kingdom


E-Mail Address:

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