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Assistant Manager, Alouatta Sanctuary, Panama

Hiring Organization:
Alouatta Sanctuary & Eco-Lodge

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Alouatta Sanctuary seeks an assistant manager to start immediately. Applicant MUST be able to start by June 1, 2013 at the latest. Duration of appointment is flexible, but must be at least 6 months. Our mission is to protect native wildlife populations while creating unique opportunities for visitors to learn about tropical forests and enact positive environmental and personal change. As such, we serve an important role in conserving animals critical to tropical forest ecosystems and educating the public about primate biology and rainforest conservation.

To achieve this goal, we operate four programs:

1) Wildlife Rehabilitation Center: Alouatta Sanctuary specializes in the rehabilitation of mantled howler monkeys. However, we also accept other mammals and birds in need of aid.

2) Primate Conservation Research Program: Alouatta Sanctuary has been strategically reforested to form part of a corridor between two intact primary forests. As a result, the property functions as critical wildlife habitat for a variety of species (mantled howler monkeys, white-faced capuchin monkeys, night monkeys, ocelots, peccaries, coatis, capybara, and many others). We operate a scientifically rigorous research program that falls within the fields of primate behavior, ecology, and conservation. This program currently includes wildlife censuses, corridor-use studies, bioacoustic analyses, cognition studies, and assessments of our rehabilitation programs.

3) Conservation Education Program: We welcome small groups of day visitors, and are currently developing a broader community conservation program that conducts presentations in local schools/universities. In addition, we currently operate an internship program designed to educate the next generation of primate conservation practitioners.

4) EcoLodge: In addition to day visitors, we offer limited opportunities for overnight stays from conservation-minded guests.

The Assistant Manager will report to the Operations Director, and work closely with the Research Coordinator and Environmental Education Specialist. The Assistant Manager will be expected to contribute to all of the above programs when necessary. This will include duties such as supervision of interns, animal care (feeding, transporting to veterinarians, maintenance/construction of enclosures), data management, presentation of programs to guests/students, and basic facilities maintenance. Opportunities to conduct own scientific research possible.

1.) Must be adaptable and comfortable living in remote environments and/or the tropics.
2.) Must maintain a positive and professional attitude, even in the face of adversity.
3.) Experience conducting field research in biology/ecology/primatology or teaching field environmental education modules required.
4.) Animal-Care experience/familiarity preferred.
5.) Spanish-speaking a plus, but not required.

SALARY/FUNDING: The assistant manager will be provided with room & board, but will not receive a supplementary salary. Accommodations are shared, but very comfortable (hot water, electricity, internet). We are located roughly 45 min from David, Panama, a modern city with all the amenities (an international airport, hospitals, supermarkets, hardware stores, movie theatres, etc). The sanctuary’s location also provides an excellent base to explore the best nature Panama has to offer (cloud forests, beaches, marine parks) during time off.

Term of Appointment:
At least 6 months

Contact Information:
Alouatta Sanctuary
Meseta de Chorcha, none

E-mail Address:

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