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ATTENTION: This job expired Jan. 3, 2013 and is no longer linked from the job list. If you are the job poster and would like to renew the listing, please access it through "My Job Listings" (available when logged in only).

Investigator of the illegal trade of the Endangered Javan slow loris

Hiring Organization:
International Animal Rescue in Java, Indonesia

Date Posted:

Position Description:
International Animal Rescue Indonesia is looking for a post-graduate in social anthropology or sociology to join an on-going project in Java, Indonesia investigating the illegal trade of the Endangered slow loris (Order: Primates; Genus: Nycticebus). The research will include interviewing and analysing data on potential buyers, hunters and traders, as well as data collected from internet social networking sites. The researcher will be based in West Java working alongside Indonesian counterparts and researchers and so must be easily adaptable to, and accepting of, different cultures, customs and climates. Prior knowledge of Indonesian language and customs would be preferred, although not essential, but the candidate would be expected to learn these skills once in the field. The candidate needs to be flexible, patient, amicable (good social skills), well organized, a good communicator, and physically and mentally fit. Applicants must also have the ability to cope well under stress and to readily master new skills.

1)To obtain and in-depth and detailed understanding of all aspects of slow loris trade (from poacher to buyer)
2)To develop holistic strategies and interventions to curb the slow loris trade

1)Construct a profile of loris hunters and the economic value of loris hunting – contributing to strategies that can reduce hunting pressure (such as alternative livelihoods, increased awareness or better law enforcement)

2)Construct of the profile of loris buyers – contributing to the development of consumer awareness strategies to reduce the demand of lorises in markets

• Bachelor’s degree (preferably a 2.1 or higher) in social anthropology or sociology.
• Field experience in the conduction of culturally sensitive interviews, preferably in a foreign country, perhaps with the use of translators.
• Knowledge of how to avoid bias in both the interview techniques and in the interpretation of results.
• Knowledge of the statistical tests involved in the analysis of sociological/social anthropological data.
• A passion for wildlife conservation and welfare.
• Previous experience of working in Indonesia or Asia, or knowledge of Indonesian language considered a bonus.
• Proven record of research outputs preferred

No salary

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
• Accommodation and one meal per day provided at IAR Rescue Centre guesthouse with all associated facilities
• Free Wi-Fi at the centre
• Arrangement of the necessary social visas and cost
• Airport pick-up and drop-off available
• All internal travelling which relates to the activities of the project

Term of Appointment:
Six months (extendable upon agreement with both parties)

Application Deadline:
until position is filled

Contact Information:
Christine Rattel
Jl. Curug Nangka Blok Pasir Loji
Bogor, none 16001

Telephone Number:
+62 (0)251-8383232


E-mail Address:

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