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health monitoring and treatment of primates, postmortem and histopathology

Date Posted:

Position Description:
veterinarian and pathologist

Educational Background:
1.Bachelor of Veterinary Science
2.Masters in Veterinary Science (Veterinary Pathology)
3.Qualified National Eligibility Test conducted by ICAR
4.Laboratory Animal Management a Six month course from Indian Institute of Science

working in primate research laboratory, Indian Institute of Science since 1st December 2011 as Veterinarian and pathologist

Application Deadline:
within a month

just want to be a good veterinarian and i like to work in a friendly environment, where hard work is always appreciated.

Contact Information:
Dr. syed mudasir ayoub
Primate Research Laboratory, Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore, Karnataka 560012

Telephone Number:

E-mail Address:

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