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Evolutionary psychology, behaviour, comparative approach

Date Posted:

Position Description:
I am currently looking for research experience with primates in the field involving observational research and data collection. I would consider paid or unpaid positions, for any length of time, starting any time after mid-October. I am eager to apply my research skills and learn from specialists in primatology or psychology, in order to increase my knowledge and understanding of primate behaviour. I have completed conservation projects (mainly marine) previously in countries such as Madagascar and Mexico, and taught in Tanzania for 6 months - from this I am confident I can cope and adapt with tropical environments and would consider any location.

Educational Background:
MA (2:1) Psychology (University of St Andrew's) - completed modules in behavioural neuroscience, research methods & statistics, and evolutionary psychology (amongst others). I completed my final year dissertation under the supervision of Klaus Zuberbuhler, looking at the reactivity of capuchin monkeys to novelty and exploring the relationship between risk-taking and gender/age/status in humans.

I also had the opportunity to study other subjects alongside my main concentration, and completed modules in social anthropology, zoology and ecology.

MSc (Hons, Distinction) Research Methods & Statistics (University of Wales, Swansea) - gained and applied a wide range of research skills, using quantitative & qualitative methods.

Technician - HIckory Veterinary Hospital, Philadelphia - worked on a large team assisting veterinarians and senior technicians in animal handling and care.

Researcher - Frontier, Madagascar - part of a conservation & development research project working alongside local Malagasy people in a remote area. Involved Scuba & snorkel surveying or marine populations, supplying information on the coastline, using Baseline Survey Protocol, Rapid Assessment Protocol & quadrate sampling. Required extensive and rapid learning of local marine populations. Completed additional specialist qualifications including PADI Rescue Diver, DAN Oxygen administration, and Emergency First Response.

Researcher - Global Vision International, Mexico - coral reef research including fish monitoring & sea turtle surveys. Worked with a small team on a remote beach several hours from the nearest city, assisting local & international NGOs and universities on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef Survey. Applied teamwork skills in organising groups of divers.

Application Deadline:
October 16th

Contact Information:
Abigail Petrie
Swansea, Wales SA79JG
United Kingdom

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