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ATTENTION: This job expired Feb. 20, 2014 and is no longer linked from the job list. If you are the job poster and would like to renew the listing, please access it through "My Job Listings" (available when logged in only).

Primate Husbandry Internship

Hiring Organization:
Endangered Primate Foundation

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Endangered Primate Foundation's (EPF) mission is to protect primates through conservation, education, and husbandry. EPF is dedicated to preserving species threatened with extinction and individuals whose welfare is threatened by private possession or substandard facilities. Our Primate Conservation Center (PCC) in Jacksonville, FL, provides sanctuary and long-term, specialized care for primates from the pet, research, and entertainment industries. Our new facility on 8 acres of beautiful forest is currently under construction.

EPF is seeking a 3-month intern beginning in February or March 2014, to help with development of the new PCC facility and transitioning of primate residents (lemurs and marmosets) from the current temporary location to the new facility, including extensive animal care responsibilities (cleaning, diet prep, feeding, medicating, enrichment, observation).

Qualifications include, but not limited to, previous experience in animal care, excellent safety practices and ability to follow directives, strong independence and initiative, interest and skill in facility design and construction, and good interpersonal and communication skills. Interest and/or skill in record-keeping, organization, protocol development, research, and education material development desired. Must be available to work 35-40 hours per week. Preference given to candidates seeking careers in animal care. Documentation available for school credit.

Compensation includes $50 per week stipend and optional on-site housing. Intern must provide own transportation.

Term of Appointment:
Three months

Application Deadline:
1 February 2014

Contact Information:
Tracy Fenn
Jacksonville, FL


E-mail Address:

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