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Gibbon carer

Hiring Organization:
The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Volunteers are needed for a variety of duties contributing to the running of the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in Phuket. We normally release one gibbon family per year and often need volunteers who can help with pre-and post-release preparations in the new gibbon territory in the rainforest (trail cutting, cage building,post release monitoring etc...)

Following a weekly schedule, volunteers will be:
- assisting thai staff in feeding and cleaning duties at our Quarantine and Rehabilitation sites, as well as carryig out daily health checks on, and enrichment programs for, all the gibbons there.
- delivering talks and offering information to tourists at our Education Center about the negative effects of the illegal wildlife trade and the use of gibbons as photo-props.
- assisting thai staff in their forest work; whether cutting trails in preparation for new releases or carrying out post-release observations on already reintroduced gibbons - there is always work to be done!
- helping with various office jobs as and when needed.
- As and when needed, to work alongside thai staff building new enclosures or maintaining old ones.

No qualifications are required to volunteer as everyone will be offered an introduction and training week. However, take note that working here will demand a certain level of physical fitness. For example; daily work with the gibbons will involve climbing a steep slope in the hot and humid rainforest whilst carrying heavy foodbaskets......

We welcome people with a strong love of animals and the environment who are open-minded and wish to live in, and experience, a foreign culture. The friendly athmosphere at GRP is a good introduction to thai culture.

It is required that all volunters have a basic understanding of the English language as this is our common language used at GRP.

No salary or funding is provided - this is a voluntary position

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Accomodation is provided for. Pick-up from airport or bus stop is available.
Volunteers will have to pay for their own meals, but food is generally very cheap in Thailand.

Term of Appointment:
Minimum stay is 3 weeks. Longer term volunteers are preferrable, but individuals may be subject to a review after 3months.

Application Deadline:

The GRP (Gibbon Rehabilitation Project) is a unique animal welfare and conservation organisation, working to rehabilitate unwanted or confiscated gibbons from the pet trade and tourist industry and to reintroduce suitable candidates back to the wild. Since 2002 GRP has been reintroducing gibbon families into a forest on mainland Phuket using a soft-release reintroduction method. Today there is a small, independent and breeding, wild population of 21+ gibbons in the forest that continues to be monitored by the GRP.

Contact Information:
104/3 M.3 Paklock, Thalang, Phuket, none 83110

Telephone Number:
+ 66 76 260492,

Fax Number:
+66 76260491


E-mail Address:

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