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Volunteer as a Primate Carer at the MONA Foundation

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Position Description:
The MONA Foundation is a non-profit organisation that made it its goal to rescue, rehabilitate and socially integrate primates that have been illegally captured and used for commercial and personal purposes and that are living in inadequate conditions. Furthermore we work to educate and inform about the mistreatment happening to these animals, trying to invoke the necessary respect for them within human society.
Rescuing primates, their rehabilitation and resocialisation is hard and time consuming work and it can only be accomplished by the cooperation of many. Therefore, as most NGOs working with animals or for animal protection, the help of volunteers is greatly needed.
However we also understand that it is an ideal opportunity for young people who plan to work in this field to obtain experience, improve their skills or simply experience work as a primate carer.

Located at “Riudellots de la Selva” (15km from Girona), Spain, The MONA Foundation seeks volunteers for 3 to 6 month periods to assist with day-to-day operations at the sanctuary. You will be working as part of the primate care team under the direction of the head keeper (who speaks Spanish and English), taking care of tasks like the preparation and distribution of the chimpanzee diet, cage/enclosure cleaning and maintenance, maintaining the centre facilities and equipment, preparation and application of enrichment projects, and possibly assisting in management and educational activities. We generally take into account your individual skills and talents to match them with the daily tasks, although volunteers help wherever most needed.
Actual physical contact with the chimpanzees is strictly forbidden as these animals can be very dangerous and we encourage them to search social contact from each other instead of the primate care staff. However, various tasks, especially feeding, will bring you in close proximity with the chimpanzees although it is important to us that volunteers respect the rules as well as the chimpanzees’ need to interact with each other instead of humans.

Although MONA does accept volunteers without any previous experience in the field of primates (for a minimum period of 6 months – onsite training is given), volunteers with primate or animal care qualifications and/or experience at other sanctuaries (for a minimum period of 3 months) are preferred.

- Minimum age of 20 years old
- Fluent in Spanish or English: if fluent in English, basic Spanish strongly preferred (and vice versa)
- Good general health: mentally and physically (many of the tasks can be physically challenging)
- Vaccinations/health requirements: (1) negative Tuberculosis result, (2) Hepatitis A and B Vaccinations, (3) Tetanus Vaccination (suggested)
- Being able to work efficiently as part of a team as well as demonstrating your own initiative

- Previous experience or a former education related to animals/primates (care) such as Biology, Veterinary, Psychology, Animal keeper, etc.
- Work experience as part of a group or project team

MONA does not pay a salary. However, MONA is willing to cooperate with those coming through a program or a funding institution.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Volunteers must pay for all expenses including flights, visas (applicants from outside of the European Union must be able to provide a visa for the duration of the volunteer period), travel, meals and lodging. Hot drinks are provided during the working day.

Term of Appointment:
From 3 to 6 months, depending on the previous experience and qualifications.

Application Deadline:

Contact Information:
Alba Gómara
Veinat de l'estació, Carretera de Cassà s/n - Riudellots de la Selva
Girona, Girona 17457

Telephone Number:
0034 972477618


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