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Volunteer Research Assistant

Hiring Organization:
Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program

Date Posted:

Position Description:
We are still looking for several more volunteers to round out our research team for the Gran Caldera and Southern Highlands Expedition 2013.

Hiring Organization:
Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program (BBPP)
The BBPP is a cooperative between Drexel University (Philadelphia, USA) and the National University of Equatorial Guinea (Equatorial Guinea, West-Central Africa).

Project Description:
The Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program is seeking volunteer field assistants for a research expedition to Bioko Island. In addition to our annual census of the seven Bioko Island monkey species, we have assembled a research team that includes 2 sea turtle biologists, 2 herpetologists, 2 entomologists, 2 tropical botanists, and an ornithologist. Two of our scientists will also lead basic photography workshops to help interested participants learn how to capture stunning images in the often challenging, humid, low-light conditions of a tropical rainforest. The 2013 expedition will be a great opportunity to visit one of Africa's last truly unspoiled biodiversity hotspots, gain valuable experience in field biology, work alongside leading scientists, and support ongoing conservation efforts for Bioko's unique flora and fauna.

Bioko Island lies 30 km off the coast of Cameroon in the heart of one of the world’s least explored biodiversity hotspots. Bioko’s Gran Caldera and Southern Highlands Scientific Reserve contains some of Africa’s last truly pristine tropical rainforest. Bioko’s isolation has helped to protect its unusually high primate species richness, and as such is recognized today as the most important place for primate conservation in Africa.

The Expedition:
The BBPP will embark on a 3 week expedition to Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea in January 2013. Volunteers will assist primarily in research focused on primate census along Bioko’s southern coast and within a dormant volcanic caldera. Depending upon interest and skills, volunteers will have additional opportunities to assist in other projects such as performing nesting sea turtle census, conducting habitat surveys, collecting amphibians and mist-netting birds.

For additional insight regarding BBPP’s expedition and Bioko primate conservation, refer to the August 2008 issue of National Geographic- Island Ark: A threatened African treasure.

Term of Appointment:
4 January 2013 - 25 January 2013 (However dates may vary by +2 days due to transportation availability)

Application Deadline:
15 November 2012 but earlier is better

Contact Information
We prefer applicants use our email address for expedition applications/questions.

E-mail Address:

Mailing/Shipping Address:
Dr. Gail Hearn
Drexel University
Department of Biology
3245 Chestnut St., PISB 503
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Telephone Number:
215 895 6906

Fax Number:
215 895 1273


Research assistants must be physically fit and willing to endure primitive living conditions. In addition, a commitment to biodiversity preservation and the conservation of threatened and endangered species is integral, while a sense of humor and enthusiastic nature is encouraged. This is an excellent opportunity for aspiring field biologists to gain experience; however we encourage and welcome applicants of all backgrounds. Applicants must be 20 years or older.

No salary

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
- The cost of participation is $3000, which covers the following on-island expenses:
• Housing
• Transport
• Meals
• Field Equipment (personal gear excluded)
• Pre-trip Online Materials
• Training in Field Techniques

- University students who come on this expedition frequently arrange for credit (independent study) through their home university. Drexel University credits are available only to students participating in the Study Abroad Program (open to non-Drexel students).
- Participants are expected to provide their own air transport and medical evacuation insurance. Cheap air tickets (~ $1800-$2200 RT from East/Central North America to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea) typically disappear fast, so we advise acting promptly.

No additional financial support is available from BBPP, but undergraduate students are often able to get financial assistance from their home universities.

Term of Appointment:
3 weeks (Jan 4-24, 2013)

Application Deadline:
November 15th, 2012

The annual BBPP Gran Caldera Expedition is the longest running annual research expedition in West Africa. It offers a unique and unparalleled opportunity to experience field biology in one of the most remote regions of the world. Participants will have the opportunity to encounter some of the world’s rarest and least studied animals.

See the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program Website ( for details and an on-line application form. Meet the BBPP research associates and learn more about our ongoing projects on Bioko here: Hearn Lab (

Contact Information:
Gail W. Hearn
3245 Chestnut Street, PISB 503
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Telephone Number:
215 895 1476

Fax Number:
215 895 1273


E-mail Address:

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