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Animal Technician

Hiring Organization:
UT M. D. Anderson Cancer Center - Bastrop, Texas

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Job Location is in Bastrop, Texas. This position is within the Department of Veterinary Sciences of M D Anderson Cancer Center.

Function: Performs animal husbandry and related duties; also performs basic cooperative training, assists with physical exams and other routine health care procedures, provides support for research protocols, and provides care for animals with specialized medical needs

Scope: Ensures high quality animal care and provides effective, basic technical support for multiple programs in the Chimpanzee Section.


1. Basic Animal Husbandry
A. Cleans and disinfects various types of animal caging including dens, transport boxes, and isolation cages.
B. Assures that hoses, foamers, brushes, and other cleaning equipment is in proper working condition.
C. Prepares meals and maintains food preparation areas.
D. Distributes standard diets and enrichment food items.
E. Assures that cage doors are properly closed and locked.
F. Performs sanitation and maintenance in corral areas.
G. Disposes of conventional and biohazard trash.
H. Stores and restocks husbandry supplies and food items.
I. Follows guidelines for maintaining personal hygiene and for using required personal protective equipment.
J. Operates high pressure cleaning equipment used in routine cage sanitation.
K. Demonstrates accuracy and reliability in documenting husbandry activities on the Daily Log Form
L. Works weekends and holidays on a scheduled, rotating basis; may work occasional overtime as authorized by the Animal Resources Manager.

2. Facilities / Equipment Maintenance
A. Launders and stores work clothing.
B. Sweeps and mops hallways.
C. Lubricates padlocks, hinges, and cage door closure devices.
D. Performs lawn maintenance to include mowing, trimming, and watering.
E. Cleans porches, stairways, and feeding stations.
F. Performs routine pest control measures.
G. Assists with the collection, storage, and disposal of recyclable materials generated from daily operations.
H. Identifies and reports facility maintenance and/or repairs needs to the Animal Resources Manager or Animal Resources Team Leader

3. Animal Health Care
A. Performs initial observation of animals within assigned area of responsibility.
B. Reports any health related abnormalities to the veterinarian or Animal Resources Manager.
C. Assists with physical exams and other health care procedures performed within the colony.
D. Provides skilled care for colony animals with special medical needs.

4. Cooperative Training
A. Performs transport box and other training as assigned using established training procedures
B. Maintains appropriate training records
C. Properly maintains training equipment
D. Demonstrates safety in performing training activities

5. Research Support
A. Assists in transporting animals from housing to clinical facilities
B. Operates basic clinical monitoring equipment and platform scales.
C. Demonstrates proficiency in performing collection of blood and other biological samples as authorized by the Study Director.
D. Transports biological samples to the diagnostic laboratory in a timely manner and according to protocol
E. Demonstrates a functional knowledge of GLP standards and demonstrates a high degree of accuracy in entering hand written data on study related forms.

These duties require the employee to be able to physically lift 40-50 lb. boxes of produce, carry 40 lb. containers of food up a 20 step stairway, stand on a ladder to perform sanitation procedures, and manually push and pull a counterweight from the four- to six-foot level.

Working conditions include exposure to outdoor weather extremes including sun, wind, rain, heat, and cold, works surfaces which are slippery when wet, and the use of caustic chemical products.

Required: High School diploma or equivalent.
Preferred: College level courses in biological sciences.

Required: Two years of animal related experience in an animal hospital/clinic or an animal research facility. May substitute required experience with completed years of college on a one to one basis.
Preferred: Experience gained in a university research setting.

Required: American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician certification within 180 days of eligibility.

$21,600 - $32,400

Term of Appointment:
Full time position

Please apply online at type in "Bastrop" in the location to view this job posting.

Contact Information:
Lisa Watson
650 Cool Water Dr.
Bastrop, TX 78602

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E-mail Address:

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