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Primatology Field Methods Course in Florida

Educational Organization:
Lemur Conservation Foundation

Date Posted:

Program Description:
This field school is a joint effort between the Lemur Conservation Foundation and Portland State University.

Primatology Field Methods includes an intensive week-long session in a natural habitat reserve, the Lemur Conservation Foundation’s Myakka City Lemur Reserve in Florida. This course will introduce students to methods used for collecting behavioral and ecological data on free-ranging primates through a combination of lectures and field exercises. These will include development of ethograms, sampling methods, recording rules, mapping sites and animal movements, and estimating resource availability. By the end of this course students will be able to assess whether their interests lie in gaining further advanced training in primatology, such as graduate training or a field or lab assistantship with a senior scientist.

You may opt to take this course for college credit either through your home institution or through Portland State University. This course can contribute to degrees in fields such as Biology, Anthropology, and Environmental Science.

This is a 4-unit course and enrollment is limited to 10 students.

To learn more about the field school location and the various species of lemur at the Lemur Conservation Foundations Myakka City Lemur Reserve, please visit the website (

Entrance Qualifications:
Interested parties should complete an application available at the following website:

Applicants should have completed a university-level biology course, or a course in biological anthropology. Enrollment is not limited to university students. Skills acquired can be applied toward continuing education (e.g., for zoo professionals or other allied fields). All participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Tuition / Fees:
Course fee: $1675. This fee includes field school tuition, lodging and meals at the reserve, ground transportation in Florida, and some supplies. Students purchase airfare separately.

Start + End Dates:
Jun 15th-23rd, 2014

Application Deadline:
Applications are reviewed upon receipt and will be accepted until the course is filled..

Prompt application and acceptance into the field course will allow you to shop for an economical airfare well in advance.

Contact Information:
Natalie Vasey
Department of Anthropology, Portland State University
Portland, Oregon 97207-0751

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E-Mail Address:

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