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Decommissioned as of 2020-01-01

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Any position related to the field of primatology can be listed on Primate-Jobs. The position must have some involvement with primate research, conservation or education, and may be in disciplines such as biomedicine, anthropology, or zoology. Positions in conservation agencies, primate centers or laboratories, government organizations, educational programs, sanctuaries, zoological gardens, museums or other primate-related programs are welcome.

Note that the responsibility for conforming to local, state, regional and national employment listing regulations lies with the listing organization. The Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, the University of Wisconsin, and the National Center for Research Resources (National Institutes of Health), will not be held liable for misinformation in, or consequences resulting from, postings to Primate-Jobs. Inclusion of a job listing does not imply endorsement of the listing organization.

The WPRC reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any listing for Primate-Jobs, and to edit or delete content as necessary.


Employers can register an account with Primate-Jobs, allowing them to save frequently used contact information, edit job listings, and delete job listings that have been filled.

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Questions about a specific job listing should be directed to the contact person listed for that job. Questions and comments about using the Primate-Jobs web site can be directed to Joe Kemnitz at