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Lawrence Jacobsen WNPRC Conservation Research Award

Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
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University of Wisconsin-Madison


The Lawrence Jacobsen WNPRC Conservation Research Award supports studies in applied conservation biology that protect non-human primate species and their habitat. The WNPRC at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has a long history of supporting work in primate conservation that has significantly impacted the survival of many primate species and the protection of forested habitat. The late J. Stephan Gartlan began the WNPRC's pioneering primate conservation studies in Cameroon and today the center continues to make significant strides in helping to protect the world's most threatened primates and their habitats.

About Lawrence Jacobsen

Lawrence Jacobsen served as Director of the WNPRC Library & Information Service from 1973 through 2003. After earning his Masters' Degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1970, he began work at the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center in 1973. Under his direction, the library evolved from a small reading room into an internationally recognized information resource in the field of Primatology and received the Wisconsin Library Association's Library of the Year Award in 1995. Mr. Jacobsen was recognized with the Distinguished Service Award from the American Society of Primatologists in 1998. In 2000, he was awarded an NIH/NCRR P40 grant for 2.3 million dollars. This grant, titled "Coordinated Information Services for Primate Research," supported the information needs of all eight National Primate Research Centers, the biomedical research community and the public at-large through a variety of services and resources for the next ten years.

Mr. Jacobsen's long time interest in primate conservation led him to endow this Center award.

Who may apply

The award is available to students and/or faculty working in the field of primate conservation. Applicants must be affiliated with a university, college or non-governmental organization (NGO). Students and/or researchers from all countries are welcome to apply. Institutions/NGO's sponsoring non-US applicants should have a US/affiliate with whom funds can be deposited. Preference will be given to those working directly with a nonhuman primate species that IUCN lists as threatened or endangered.

Amount of the award

Initially the award with be for approximately $5,000 USD, depending on the productivity of the underlying endowment. Applications should be limited to one per individual/institution. Funds are expected to be used in the year the award is granted. Requests for exceptions to this rule should be addressed to the Awards Committee Chair.

The awardee will be invited to give a lecture on the topic of the research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, sponsored by the WNPRC.


An application form can be found online at Grant applications for the 2012 award should be received no later than January 1, 2012. Questions about the application can be directed to

When the award is given

The WNPRC will announce the award after March 1, 2012.


The person/s receiving the award will write a report summarizing the results of their primate conservation work and detail how the funds were employed in support of the project. The Awards Committee will provide guidelines and a template for submitting the evaluation. This report will be due within one month of the end of the one-year award period. Reports not submitted on time or not provided will result in the individual/institution not being considered for future awards.

Awards Committee

Joseph Kemnitz, past director of the WNPRC, will oversee the operations of the Awards Committee. The Committee will determine priorities for making the annual awards, but all projects must directly support studies/projects that will directly benefit non-human primate conservation. The Committee will include a conservation representative from both the International Primatological Society and American Society of Primatologists, a representative from an appropriate UW-Madison academic department, and two other representatives appointed at the discretion of the Center Director. One of these five representatives will chair the committee.

Past Winners

2007 Robert Horwich, Gays Mills WI, Golden Langur Conservation Project
Trachypithecus geei (India)
WNPRC press release announcing the award
2008 Serge Wich, Great Ape Trust of Iowa
Pongo abelii (Sumatra, Indonesia)
Great Ape Trust press release


Questions about the Jacobsen WNPRC Conservation Research Award can be directed to Prof. Kemnitz at