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The Primate Enrichment Forum (PEF) is an email list designed to facilitate communication between professionals working at primate biomedical research facilities on the topic of environment enrichment for nonhuman primates. The list is open to animal caretakers, veterinary, research, and behavioral technicians, veterinarians, colony managers, research scientists, and behaviorists/enrichment coordinators, including staff at the NCRR Primate Centers and other research-based primate centers and laboratories worldwide.

PEF is intended to serve the primate biomedical research community. Those not involved in caring for or doing research with nonhuman primates may want to consider the American Zoological Associations's enrichment list, which is intended for a more general audience (contact Jack Bellinger at Those with a specific interest in primates may want to consider Alloprimate ( which is also intended for a more general audience and covers enrichment in addition to other topics on nonhuman primates.

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