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AskPrimate is a reference service available to all users for answering questions dealing with nonhuman primates.  It is recommended that users of this service explore local resources and check local public, school, or university libraries, before consulting AskPrimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you ask a question, please check to see if your question has already been answered by the list of 24 frequently asked questions available through the AskPrimate FAQ.

How To Ask A Question

To send a question, use the AskPrimate form. Please provide your name, e-mail, city, state and institutional affiliation (if any) so we had the proper address to send the answer to. Make doubly sure your e-mail address is correct. Too often, responses have gone undelivered because of a typo.

  • Questions should be restricted to information regarding non-human primates.
  • Please ask specific questions. Avoid questions that are broad in scope like "What can you tell me about gorillas?" Such questions will inevitably be returned for additional information.
  • Let us know where you have already looked for information and for what purpose you need the information, such as writing a paper, putting together a grant, or for a presentation.
  • Since this is an Internet-based reference service, we frequently refer to web links in our responses. Specific questions may get a brief factual answer accompanied by references. In some instances, we will attempt to provide citations to pertinent literature taken from the PrimateLit database.
  • We do not offer personal opinions or answer interview questions.
  • We do not give legal or medical advice. If you have a sick pet primate, please contact your local veterinarian. If a veterinarian is not available to you, we will try to refer your question to a primate vet.
  • Do let us know if the information provided by AskPrimate is what you needed.
  • Questions may also be sent by:
    • Phone: (608) 263-3512
    • Fax: (608) 265-2067
    • Mail: AskPrimate, Primate Center Library, 1220 Capitol Court, Madison, WI 53715 USA

Who Provides This Service?

Questions sent to AskPrimate are answered by the library staff of the Wisconsin Primate Research Center at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. We attempt to answer questions within two working days, but may take longer during periods of heavy use. Some questions may be relayed to other primate center libraries or to experts in the field. Primate-related questions may also be forwarded to Primate-Science, an electronic forum for the exchange of information related to primate research, conservation and education.