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Venter, Lynette
Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
Wildlife Rehabilitation
Farm Riverside
Letsitele, Limpopo Province 0885
Phone: +27 15 345 1050
Fax: +27 15 345 1050
Position: Co-owner of rehabilitation centre and primate rehabilitator

Areas of interest: Natural ecological behavioral patterns, troop structures, dynamics and survivability in new modern times. Rehabilitation of confiscated, misplaced, injured primates as listed above and their successful return to the wild where they can sustain themselves.
Species of interest: Cercopithecus mitis (blue monkey), Chlorocebus aethiops (grivet), Galago senegalensis (lesser bushbaby), Otolemur crassicaudatus (thick-tailed bushbaby), Papio ursinus (chacma baboon)

Last updated: 2009-03-05

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