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Bourgeois, Sabrina
Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research/Southwest National Primate Research Center
PO Box 760549
San Antonio, Texas 78245-0549
Phone: 210-258-9656
Position: Primate Trainer: Manager of Behavioral Training Program

Areas of interest: Positive Reinforcement Training, Behavioral Mangement, Behavior Modification (abnormal behavior reduction), Environmental Enrichment
Species of interest: Ateles (spider monkey), Callithrix (marmoset), Macaca mulatta (rhesus macaque), Macaca nemestrina (pigtail macaque), Macaca fascicularis (long-tailed macaque), Pan troglodytes (common chimpanzee), Papio anubis (olive baboon), Papio cynocephalus cynocephalus (yellow baboon), Papio ursinus (chacma baboon), Papio hamadryas (hamadryas baboon)

Last updated: 2006-06-21

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