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Butynski, Thomas M.
Drexel University
P. O. Box 490
10400 Nanyuki
Phone: Kenya 0203561665
Fax: 254 2 890615 (attn: T. Butynski)
Position: Private consultant working for ca. 5 months per year on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, for Drexel University

Areas of interest: Research on, and conservation of, African primates, particularly threatened and little known species. Research focus in on primate abundance, distribution, conservation status, and threats
Species of interest: Cercopithecus ascanius (red-tailed monkey), Cercopithecus mitis stuhlmanni (blue monkey), Gorilla gorilla (western gorilla), Mandrillus leucophaeus (drill), Piliocolobus rufomitratus (Tana River red colobus)

Last updated: 2009-03-05

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