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International Directory of Primatology
Create or Revise a Field Study Entry

Field studies and sites focused primarily on nonhuman primates or containing a substantive number of nonhuman primates are welcome to create a new entry in the directory.

Create an Entry

To get started on a new entry, just choose the area of the world in which the field study/site is located. Please select based on the location of the site, even if the contact for the site is in another country.

Jacobsen Library reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of a listing for the IDP, and to edit or remove content as necessary. Directory listings are provided for information only. Inclusion of an entry in this directory does not imply endorsement by Jacobsen Library or the WNPRC.

Sites located in Africa, including Madagascar
Sites located in Central or South America

Revise an Entry

To edit an existing entry, browse to the directory listing and choose [Edit Entry] from the bottom of the entry. Provide the password when prompted.

If you do not have the entry password, you can request to have the password emailed to the entry contact on the [Edit Entry] page. If you are not the contact on the entry, contact Joseph Kemnitz.