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Primate Products and Services

Companies listed provide products and services for nonhuman primates in biomedical research, including housing and caging, environmental enrichment items, handling and restraint devices, and nutritional supplies. Listings include a brief description of each company's products or services and contact information.

Companies wishing to be listed in this section can fill out the company listing form. Questions about being listed in the IDP can be directed to Joseph Kemnitz.

Jacobsen Library reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of a listing for the IDP, and to edit or remove content as necessary. Directory listings are provided for information only. Inclusion of an organization in this directory does not imply endorsement by Jacobsen Library or the WNPRC.

Company Listings

Alpha Genesis, Inc.

Address: 95 Castle Hall Road/PO Box 557, Yemassee, SC 29945 USA
Contact Name: Dr. Greg Westergaard
Phone: 1-866-789-MONK
Fax: 843-589-5290

Alpha Genesis® Inc. (AGI) provides the highest quality nonhuman primate products and bio-research services world-wide. AGI has enjoyed tremendous success and growth in both of these areas, and as we have grown, we have strengthened our dedication to providing only the best and most cost-effective research and development support to the scientific community.

Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.

Address: 3055 Cheri Whitlock Drive, Siloam Springs, Arkansas 76761 UNITED STATES
Phone: 479-524-4343 or 800-320-4259
Fax: 479-524-4210

Alternative Design manufactures a broad line of animal research housing and materials handling equipment. The company provides standard caging with feature options as well as custom cages to meet your specifications, including primate caging. We manufacture in a variety of materials to accomplish your demand needs. Alternative Design distributes throughout North America and capable of shipment overseas.

Barbados Primate Research Center

Address: Farley Hill, St. James BB 24014 Barbados
Contact Name: Jean Baulu
Phone: 246 419 0495
Fax: 246 422 8946

Production of monkeys (wild and SPF captive-bred) for vaccine production, local and overseas contract research projects using on-site facilities and resources.
Center is AAALAC accredited. Breeding colony of 2,500 C. sabaeus (green monkey).


Address: One 8th Street, Frenchtown, New Jersey 08825 UNITED STATES
Phone: 908-996-2155
Fax: 908-996-4123

Bio-Serv offers custom-made diets and nutritionally certified specialty diets including PrimaTreats â„¢ (try new flavor- Pina Colada), Banana Softies, Nutty Monkey Treats, NutraBlocks, Chewies, Burgers, PRANG (electrolyte replenisher), a variety of Foraging Diets and Shake and Pour Liquid Diets for infants (Primilac) and adults. All primate diets contain encapsulated Vitamin C and are assayed to insure nutritional completeness.

Enrichment devices are also available such as heavy-gauge Stainless Steel Mirrors & new Rattles, Finger Boards, Turf Foraging Boards, Fleece Grooming Boards, Foraging Crumble Disks, Challenger Balls, Jingle Balls, Goodie Space Ships. Yapples, and a variety of Nylabone ® products (Hercules, Tug Toys, Dental Balls, Knot Bones' Nyla Rings, etc.).

For a simplified, accurate method of oral medication. try MD's (Medicated Chewable Tablets) containing commonly used medications such as "tasteless" Flagyl, Baytril (available now in Banana & Cherry), Bactrim, Panacur, Erythromycin, Amoxicillin, Cefa-Tabs, Tetracycline, Clavamox and Aspirin. These fruit-flavored 5 gram tablets offer a simple solution to dosing that eliminates the need to inject, stomach tube, or the use of food to hide medications. Orally active experimental compounds supplied by your facility may also be incorporated into these tasty flavored chewable tablets.

Bio-Serv's Dustless Precision Pellets, frequently used as a reward in behavioral studies, are virtually "dustless" and provide hassle-free use in automatic feeders. The pellets are available in sizes ranging from 20 mg. to 1 gram. They come in banana and other flavors, both grain-based and purified formulations.

Bioculture (Mauritius) Ltd.

Address: Senneville, Riviere de Anguilles Mauritius
Phone: 230-626-2843
Fax: 230-626-2844

Bioculture (Mauritius) Ltd., established in 1984, supplies naturally occurring B-virus, SRV and SIV free Macaca fascicularis to the Biomedical Research Community through its distributors, Shamrock (GB) Ltd. and Charles River BRF, Inc. for North America and Japan. Bioculture has over 4000 females in established breeding groups which produce an average of 3000 weaned exportable offspring yearly. As cynomolgus monkeys are an introduced pest to Mauritius, Bioculture also has a permit to export conditioned, quality feral animals through its distributors. Bioculture and its customers help conservation in a direct sense by paying $50 (US) for every monkey exported (bred or feral) to the Government of Mauritius Conservation Fund. Bioculture is an ISO 9002 registered company.

Bone Clones

Address: 21416 Chase St. #1, Canoga Park, California 91304 UNITED STATES
Phone: 818-709-7991
Fax: 818-709-7993

Bone Clones ® is a series of resin replica skulls, skillfully cast from the best original skulls available. Made of the highest quality Polyurethane resin, the replicas are durable and resistant to chipping, breakage and shattering. Great care is taken to achieve anatomical accuracy, with attention to details of appearance, texture and weight.

Bone Clones ® skulls are used in comparative educational environments in zoo and museum "experience" exhibits, by collectors and special effects companies in numerous film productions. Bone Clones ® replicas are an excellent way for us to experience, observe, study and "discourage" the use of real skulls.

The thought pattern behind the Bone Clones ® replication process, we feel, protects and preserves the beauty of the animals depicted; their uniqueness, their mystery and their strength which, in many cases, would have otherwise been lost to time.

Bone Clones is especially proud to be a part of an ongoing process to reproduce all of the primates that were tragically lost in the fire of 1996 at the Philadelphia Zoo. We have begun with the complete skeleton of the large male Gorilla. We have also completed the skull of a female gorilla. A portion of the sales goes to the Philadelphia Zoo to help rebuild and research. Other primates are also available. Please contact us or check our website.

Charles River, BRF (US) / Shamrock (UK)

Address: 305 Almeda Genoa Road, Houston, Texas 77047 UNITED STATES
Phone: 713-433-5846
Fax: 713-433-6971

Charles River BRF, Inc. (BRF), with a capacity to hold 2800 primates, is the oldest and largest primate supplier that started operations as Primate Imports in 1958. AAALAC accredited since 1970, BRF maintains an inventory of 2000 primates in its state-of-the-art facilities at Houston, Texas. BRF supplies uniquely clean cynomolgus monkeys bred by Bioculture Mauritius, and of feral Mauritius origin, which are free of Herpes B, SRV, SIV and TB tested negative at five tests. Additionally, BRF supplies captive-bred squirrel monkeys and feral baboons.

Shamrock, BRF's subsidiary in the UK, (Henfield Road, Small Dole, West Sussex, BN5 9XH United Kingdom, 44-190-387-9191) certified ISO 9002, is the only quaratine and conditioning facility for nonhuman primates in the UK. Shamrock supplies cynomolgus monkeys bred by Bioculture Mauritius, China-bred rhesus and SICONBREC-bred cynomolgus monkeys.

Both facilities offer customized testing for specific agents and boarding services on per diem bais.

Congaree Veterinary Pharmacy

Address: 1309-B State Street, Cayce, South Carolina 29033 UNITED STATES
Phone: 877-939-1335
Fax: 803-939-0073

Congaree Veterinary Pharmacy specializes in prescription medication for animals of all species that is not commercially available. Dosage form modification, reduced strength, injectables, hard to find drugs, and flavoring customization are among our many capabilities. Our work is unconditionally guaranteed, done by registered pharmacists with advanced compounding training, and produced with pure drugs from reliable and traceable sources. All work requires a veterinarian's prescription. We are experienced professionals whose only mission is to offer quality alternatives for animal health where medication is unavailable or needs to be modified for an individual animal or group.

Crown Bioscience, Inc.

Address: 4008 Burton Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA
Contact Name: Laura Sailor
Phone: 603.686.9330

Despite of the high unmet needs to treat diabetes and associated symptoms, there is a lack of well validated drug targets to sustain development pipeline.
Little is known about the molecular changes associated with disease onset and progress in human, due to the difficulty to obtain human tissues, such as liver, pancreas, and to a less extend, fat and muscle. CrownBio has a unique collection of naturally type II diabetic monkey colony, and has the ability to induce diabetes from normal monkeys using HFD. NHP system is by far the closest in vivo system to human to understand disease biology, and represents a translational platform for new target identification. We currently have colonies available (cyno/rhe. Please call us to learn about our collaborative partnerships.

Harlan Teklad

Address: P.O. Box 44220, Madison, Wisconsin 53744-4220 UNITED STATES
Phone: 800-483-5523
Fax: 608-277-2066

Harlan Teklad is a primary manufacturer and provider of premium quality laboratory animal diets, treats, bedding materials, and other enrichment products for all non-human primate species, including New World monkeys. Harlan Teklad offers factory-direct service to most end users, and is a leading provider of primate diets to many of the major breeders and primate centers. We are the industry leader in high-fiber primate diets, available internationally. Chances are the animals in your facility were raised on Harlan Teklad diets!

Our line of diets include maintenance, breeding, certified and custom formulated diets, as well as unique enrichment treats. Our fixed-formula diets are highly palatable and formulated to provide uniform experimental and production results. Intrinsic antioxidants in soybean oil plus the use of stabilized vitamin C help ensure the nutritional integrity of all Harlan Teklad Laboratory Primate Diets. The use of Stay-C enables us to guarantee our diets for nutritional content for 6 months from the date of manufacture.

We offer a complete line of bedding materials, including custom-cut cage liners.

Harlan Bioproducts for Science, Inc. (HBPS) provides the research community with a broad range of immunological and biological reagents and growth factors. HBPS also offers custom in vivo and in vitro monoclonal antibody production and purification, along with hybridoma development.

For more information, call Harlan Teklad Customer Services Center at (800) 483-5523.

IDEXX Laboratories

Address: One IDEXX Drive, Westbrook, Maine 04092 USA
Contact Name: Tom Brown
Phone: 1-855-425-5215

The IDEXX ProCyte Dx® Hematology Analyzer is validated for mice, rats, squirrel monkey, green monkey, non-human primates, rhesus monkey, cynomolgus, baboon, chimpanzee, marmoset and other common research species. The small, bench-top unit measures 31 different blood parameters and delivers an advanced five-part white blood cell differential and absolute reticulocyte count in 2 minutes using only 30μl of sample.

Intuitive Biosciences, Inc.

Address: 5500 Nobel Dr. Suite 220, Madison, Wisconsin 53711 United States
Contact Name: Kimberly Luke
Phone: 6082048730
Fax: 6082048740

Colony Surveillance Assay™(CSA): Simian products provide a sensitive, reliable, and affordable tool to screen your specific pathogen-free (SPF) colony. The CSA method identifies animals that have been previously exposed to an infectious agent by detecting specific serum antibodies to viral antigens and tuberculosis, including SRV, STLV, SIV, herpes B virus, measles, RRV, LCV, CMV, and SFV. The CSA:Simian Expanded array contains the antigens to screen between 24 and 96 samples, using the CSA: Simian Detection Kit. Results are quantified with AthenaQuant® scanner system.

Kunming Biomed International

Address: Boda road, Yuhua district, Chenggong, Kunming, Yunnan 650500 P.R.China
Contact Name: Dr.Yuyu Niu
Phone: 86-871 8360100
Fax: 86-871 8360100

Kunming Biomed International (KBI), the National Engineering Research Center of Biomedicine and Animal Science (NERCBA), located in southwest China, is the home of the largest colony of non-human primates in the world with the capability of farming 10,000 monkeys. Devoted to the research and development of primate models of nervous system and metabolic diseases, NERCBA and KBI provide clients world-wide with efficient and high quality service and technical safety evaluations. NERCBA will also continue to contribute our best towards the constant improvement of primate stem cell and transgenic animal technology.

Lenderking Caging Products

Address: 8370 Jumpers hole Rd, Millersville, MD 21108 USA
Contact Name: Michael Semenuk
Phone: 410-544-8795
Fax: 410-544-5069

Lenderking Caging Products is America's Oldest Caging Company. We manufacture a wide variety of caging, including primate caging. We have produced innovative primate caging solutions such as the "Slide A Floor" vertical socialization system, the 5 stage horizontal sliding panel system,and the "Prima-Latch" integrated lock down system. We can develope specific solutions for each customer based on decades of experience in the areas of ergonomics, socialization, foraging and enrichment. European size cages are also available.

Lomir Inc.

Address: 99 East Main Street, Malone, New York 12953 UNITED STATES
Phone: 877-425-3604
Fax: 518-483-8195

Lomir is the world's largest manufacturer of animal jackets and infusion products. Included is the most comprehensive range of equipment for primates available in biomedical research including, but not confined to the following:
Intravenous infusion:
- swivels
- tethers
- tether end plates
- jackets
- jackets with pockets for ambulatory equipment
- jackets designed to be used in restraining devices such as chairs
- slings and covers to restrain non-human primates
- range of products designed to protect the animal from interfering with surgical sites, sutures, etc.
- bonnets to protect the skull
- full body jacket (with pants) to protect the legs
- jackets with full sleeves
Lomir manufactures equipment for all primate species. Standard equipment is available for rhesus, cynomolgus, baboons, squirrel monkey, owl monkey, and marmosets. Jackets are also available in an extensive range of sizes and designs. Customers may take advantage of our made-to-measure service for animals, such as adult baboons or apes.

Lomir also manufactures a full range of handling equipment; gloves, and kevlar armguards and gloves all in sizes from small through X-large. New products are always in development, our newest a capture net for both New and Old World primates.

Visit our web site, or contact us for a print catalog, to discuss your specific requirements.


Address: PO Box 1099, Laurence Harbor, NJ 08879 USA
Contact Name: Ken Biba
Phone: 800-947-0304
Fax: 732-521-1396

Medi-Lock is an all stainless steel cable lock. Designed specifically for primate cages to eliminate the use of standard pad locks.
Medi-Locks are also completely tolerant to the widest variety of detergents, and harsh cleaning solutions. Medi-Locks require no lubricating grease or oil for proper operation.

Micrim Labs, Inc

Address: 800 East Cypress Creek Rd Suite 202, Ft. lauderdale, Fl 33334 USA
Contact Name: Ron Robbins
Phone: 800-330-GERM (4376)
Fax: 954-776-9481

Micro biology laboratory specializing in non human mycology and pathology services. Micrim Labs, Inc. has been servicing clients for over 30 years. As a standard service, we test Camplyobacter and automatically re-incubate for an additional 48 hours at no additional charge. Our standard charge for culture and sensitivity is $28.00 (volume discounts are available). Shipping charges are also included.

National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health

Address: J.M. Street, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012 India
Contact Name: Dr. Manjramkar D.D
Phone: 022-24192044
Fax: 022-24139412

We are scientists working at National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health under Indian Council of Medical Research. Our scientists would like to undertake research work related to reproductive health using conventional and SPF rhesus monkeys (18 nos initially). We will highly appreciate if you could able to provide us the price of each monkeys and other related expenses to include in our grants. Immediate response will be highly appreciated.

Osage Research Primates

Address: 54 Hospital Drive, Osage Beach, Missouri 65065 UNITED STATES
Phone: 573-348-8002
Fax: 573-348-1622

Osage Research Primates provides primates for research, zoological, or educational uses. Species available include: Papio anubis, Saimiri sciureus, Cebus apella and Callithrix sp.

Pharmacal Research Labs., Inc.

Address: 33 Great Hill Road, Naugatuck, Connecticut 06770-0369 UNITED STATES
Phone: 800-243-5350
Fax: 203-729-5230

Pharmacal Research Laboratories, Inc., offers a sound program of environmental management directed specifically toward the animal care field. The elements of the program and the products recommended have been developed and tested in response to the specific needs of the professional engaged in animal research. Products line includes: Urine Scale Remover, Alkaline Detergents, Glassware Detergent, Santizers/Disinfectants (Tuberculocidal), Personnel Infection Control, plus many additional speciality items.

Purina Mills

Address: 1401 South Hanley Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63144 UNITED STATES
Phone: 314-768-4407
Fax: 314-768-4859

Purina Mills manufactures and distributes two complete product lines of foods and supplements for a wide variety of non-human primates. Labdiet ® and Mazuri ® products are formulated under Purina's rigorous Constant Nutrition ™ Guidelines. For detailed information on diets and supplements, visit us on the Internet at either web site listed above.

Research Diets, Inc.

Address: 20 Jules Lane, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901 UNITED STATES
Phone: 732-247-2390
Fax: 732-247-2340

Research Diets, Inc. formulates and produces custom purified diets for laboratory animals including primates. Stock products are available for immediate shipment. Custom diets produced and shipped in 5-7 days. Expert consultation provided by nutrition scientists.

Rite in the Rain Fieldbooks

Address: 2614 Pacific Hwy. W., Tacoma, Washington 98424 UNITED STATES
Phone: 253-922-5000
Fax: 253-922-5300

"Rite in the Rain" all-weather writing paper is the "Gold standard" for outdoor writing products. Developed to survive the rigors of outdoor research, this unique (recyclable) paper repels water and enables the user to collect and protect their valuable field data. Available in a variety of fieldbook, notebook, loose leaf, and custom formats. All-weather copier paper is also available so you can produce your own all-weather copies of forms, charts, or maps. Order on-line at We ship worldwide.

Scientific Resources International, Ltd.

Address: 432 Ridge Street, Reno, Nevada 89501 UNITED STATES
Phone: 775-786-3244
Fax: 775-786-2767

Scientific Resources International (SRI) specializes in naive purpose bred non human primates for research. We offer top quality Chinese origin Rhesus (Macaca mulatta) and Chinese and Indonesian Cynomolgus (Macaca fascicularis) primates. Our large inventory can match your specific age, weight, sex and disease status requirements. All animals are available post USA quarantine and ready for use. SRI can also offer direct international shipment, if your organization is an authorized and licensed quarantine and use facility. Please contact us for a written price quotation.....we look forward to supplying your primate needs.

Skatron Instruments, Inc.

Address: 108 Terminal Drive, Sterling, Virginia 20166 UNITED STATES
Phone: 800-336-0191
Fax: 703-478-5197

Skatron manufactures ELISA plate washers, cell harvesters, and Supernatant Collection Systems. Skatron's first washer was introduced 25 years ago. Skatron's Supernatant Collections Systems is the NIH Gold standard for cyotoxicity studies.

South American Unlimited,Inc.

Address: Lot 69L Soesdyke, East Bank, Georgetown,, Demerara Nil Guyana, S.A.
Contact Name: Feezal A. Shaw.
Phone: 592-261-5014
Fax: 592-261-5013
Website: http://Nil

South American Unlimited,Inc supplier of New World Primates world wide
species readily available for export are Squirrel monkeys , (Cebus Apella, Weeper/White fronted capuchin,Saguinus midas,Callithrix jacchus – Common Marmoset
Housed in personal facilities prior to export . Commercial Exportation license # SU/CE 29/2011, Holding Station license # SU/HS34/2011.

Suburban Surgical Company, Inc.

Address: 275 Twelfth Street, Wheeling, Illinois 60090 USA
Contact Name: Tracey A. Campbell
Phone: 847.537.9320
Fax: 847.537.9061

For more than 65 years, Suburban Surgical has provided Quality Products and Services for the Research Industry. We offer the finest stainless steel cages in the industry, and our primate cages are widely recognized for their excellence. In addition, we specialize in Isolation Cubicles, Racks, Carts, Pens, ICU and Tables including Operating, Exam, Lift and Prep-Procedure. We manufacture our Products in Wheeling, Illinois USA, Employ AMERICAN Workers Using Recyclable Materials, Use AMERICAN Materials and Use AMERICAN Suppliers. We Support the American Economy. Made in the USA.

Suzhou Xishan Zhongke Laboratory Animal Co., Ltd.

Address: 1336 Wuzhong Avenue,Suzhou City, 215104, Jiangsu Province, China, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province 215104 China
Phone: 13951112097

Suzhou Xishan Zhongke Laboratory Animal Co., Ltd., a state-owned enterprise affiliated with the Wuzhong District, was founded in 2008. Currently, it has more than 150 employees and total assets of 200 million Yuan. The company has two state-level platforms/laboratories, namely, national GLP laboratory and national non-human primate laboratory animals seed center (Suzhou Center).
The newly-built R&D building covers an area of 20,600 ㎡, among which 3,000 ㎡ are SPF-grade animal rooms and 9,000 ㎡ are common animal rooms (monkeys, dogs, rabbits, rats, etc.). The building is equipped with the country’s largest animal laboratories with the most advanced facilities, which have passed the test conducted by experts from the second laboratory animal quality inspection station of Jiangsu Province.
Xishan Zhongke will further strengthen infrastructure construction, improve technology management system and apply for the authentication of GLP from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, international AAALAC and OECD GLP from EU, etc., so to make the company the leading and world-class provider of animal experiment services, and create unique brand with Xishan Zhongke features, namely “integration of laboratory animal feeding and research, one-stop service of pharmacology and toxicology evaluation”.
The center serves for domestic scientific medicine research institutions and customers in the USA, Canada, Korea, etc. We can supply: High-quality experimental animals-Macaca fascicularis, Rhesus Macacus and Beagle dogs (normal and SPF- grade).

Tan Hoi Dong Co.LTD

Address: Tan Chau, Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam, Tay Ninh town, Tay Ninh 20000 Vietnam
Contact Name: Mark Nguyen
Phone: +84.663813480
Fax: +84.663813480

Supply bred cynomolgus monkey (macaca fascicularis)for biomedical research at quality levels as customer's option.

Veterinary Orthopedic Implants

Address: 1151 McHenry #203, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089 UNITED STATES
Phone: 800-375-1115
Fax: 847-883-8747

VOI, Inc. design's manufactures and distributes the full range of titanium & Stainless Steel screws, pins and plates. We manufacture on your request or select from our ready to ship inventory of 2.7mm screws in 6mm or 8mm of total length. Self-tapping screws $19.00. Regular screws $16.00. Overnight delivery available upon request.

VRL Laboratories

Address: PO Box 40100, 7540 Louis Pasteur, Suite 200, San Antonio, Texas 78229 UNITED STATES
Phone: 877-615-7275
Fax: 210-615-7771

Non-human primate serology

Wincon Theracells Biotechnologies Co. Ltd.

Address: 3 Gaoxindong 3rd Road, Nanning, Guangxi 530003 China
Contact Name: Charles Zhu
Phone: +86 (771) 321-4496
Fax: +86 (771) 321-5326

1. Preclinical Animal Laboratory Services including Contract Animal Space, Husbandry Space Rental and Leasing and Husbandry Staff Support, IACUC, Laboratory Animal Suppliers, Large Animal Housing,

2. Preclinical and Nonclinical Clinical including Pathology, Environmental, Toxicology, Genetic Toxicity, Molecular Toxicology, Surgical Models.

Worldwide Primates, Inc.

Address: P O Box 971279,, Miami, Florida 33197 USA
Phone: 305-378-9585
Fax: 305-232-3838

Worldwide Primates is a global supplier of non-human primate models. With access to multiple sources as well as breeding colonies in country, we can supply most needs immediately or in very short delivery schedules. Species available:Cynos (China/Mauritius)-Rhesus, African/Caribbean Greens, Marmosets, Baboons, Squirrel monkeys, Cebus. We also can supply sera, plasma and other bio-products. We are a CDC registered quarantine facility and can supply primates to any destination in the world.

Xeno Diagnostics, LLC

Address: 5108 West 79th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268 USA
Contact Name: Jon Follas
Phone: (317) 973-4079
Fax: (317) 973-4171

Xeno Diagnostics is a Contract Research Laboratory specializing in cell-based assays. We perform Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions (MLR), Cytotoxicity assays, and ELISA's. NHP models currently supported include Baboon, Cynomolgus Macaque, and Rhesus Macaque. All of our services can be run under GLP, non-GLP (R&D), or CLIA regulations, depending on our client's needs. Please contact us for more information on this assays, or on any other custom assay needs.

Zoologix, Inc.

Address: 9811 Owensmouth Ave, Suite 4, Chatsworth, CA 91311 USA
Contact Name: Client Services
Phone: 818-717-8880
Fax: 818-717-8881

PCR and serology screening/testing for infectious diseases of nonhuman primates.