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International Directory of Primatology

Programs or organizations with a primary focus on primate research, conservation, education or veterinary care are welcome to create a new entry in the directory.

Animal Welfare Agencies
Organizations with services and programs focusing on the care and well-being of captive non-human primates
Conservation Agencies
Organizations focusing on the conservation of non-human primates in the wild
Educational Programs
Organizations offering degrees or training related to non-human primates, including field schools
Organizations providing financial support to primate-focused research, education or conservation programs
Information Agencies and Museums
Organizations with primate-focused collections or information services
Primate Centers, Labs and Research Programs
Organizations with primate-focused research programs
Professional Societies, Federations and Groups
Primate-focused professional societies and other organizations, usually at the national or international level
Organizations supporting "unwanted" non-human primates or involved primarily in rehabilitation or reintroduction of non-human primate species
Zoological Gardens
Organizations with significant primate collections or primate-focused research programs