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Project Betampona (1997-ongoing)
Field Study in Africa
Web Site:
Location of Site: MADAGASCAR, Betampona Natural Reserve

Director: Dr. Karen Freeman
Phone: (614) 478-3756   E-Mail:
c/o Saint Louis Zoo, 1 Government Road, St Louis, Missouri 63110 UNITED STATES
Institution: Madagascar Fauna Group

Research Objectives: A program to develop methodology for potential future reintroduction of lemurs and other species by extrapolation. Project involves reintroduction of captive-bred black and white ruffed lemurs to the reserve, intensive monitoring of the released lemurs and wild conspecifics, ecological studies of the reserve, ancillary monitoring of other species, and public education and development programs with the objective of increasing long term sustainability of the reserve. Three sets of lemurs were released and monitoring is ongoing.

Field Positions and Volunteers: Very limited volunteer opportunities exist for which priority is given to staff from zoos and organizations which are members of the Madagascar Fauna Group. Volunteer info available on the website under HELP section.

Species Studied: Indri indri indri (indri), Varecia variegata variegata (black-and-white ruffed lemur)

Last Updated: 2007-04-02

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