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Projeto Bugio (Bugio's Project) (Ongoing)
Field Study in the Americas
Web Site:
Location of Site: BRAZIL, Indaial

Director: Zelinda M. B. Hirano
Phone: 55 47 3333878   E-Mail:
Rua Rio de Janeiro, 401, Indaial, Santa Catarina 89130-000 BRAZIL
Department: DCN (Department of Natural Sciences)
Institution: CEPESBI (Biological Research Center at Indaial)

Sponsoring Institution(s): FURB (Regional University of Blumenau) and Indaial's Municipality

Field Positions and Volunteers: The research center is open to volunteer work and visiting researchers. No grants are available. Training with management of captive animals and observation of wild howlers in the field is provided to undergraduate students since an accord be stablished between the student's institution and CEPESBI. For this purpose, after a first contact with Project's Director, students should also contact FURB's Coordinator of International Relations, Prof. Jorge Gustavo Barbosa de Oliveira:

Species Studied: Alouatta guariba clamitans (red-and-black howler)

Last Updated: 2003-03-09

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