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Centro Primatologia de Rio de Janeiro (ongoing)
Field Study in the Americas
Location of Site: BRAZIL

Director: Alcides Pissinatti
Phone: 55-21-589-3920   Fax: 55-21-589-7388   E-Mail:
Rua Fonseca Teles 121 - Sala 1607, Sao Cristivao - Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro CEP: 20940-200 BRAZIL
Department: Centro Primatologia Do Rio De Janerio

Research Objectives: Conservation research, study of management, nutrition, reproduction, pathology.

Field Positions and Volunteers: 2 master's students and 2 PhD students. No facilities at CPRJ for students researches

Species Studied: Callithrix aurita (buffy-tufted-ear marmoset), Callithrix flaviceps (buffy-headed marmoset), Callithrix geoffroyi (white-headed marmoset), Callithrix jacchus (common marmoset), Callithrix kuhlii (Wied's marmoset), Callithrix pygmaea (pygmy marmoset), Leontopithecus (lion tamarin), Saguinus bicolor (pied tamarin), Saguinus fuscicollis (saddleback tamarin), Saguinus midas (midas tamarin), Saguinus mystax (moustached tamarin)

Other Species at Site: Brachyteles arachnoides (southern muriqui), Cacajao calvus rubicundus (red bald-headed uakari), Callicebus nigrifrons (black-fronted titi), Callithrix humeralifera (Santarem marmoset), Cebus nigritus robustus (crested capuchin), Cebus xanthosternos (golden-bellied capuchin)

Last Updated: 2002-10-23

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