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PEGG-The South African Primatology Organization (Established 2001)
Professional Society
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Mission: PEGG (Primate Ecology and Genetics Group) was established to provide a forum for individuals interested in primate ecology, behavior and evolution to discuss and share information. We encourage scientific research, education, conservation and conservation oriented management of species of non-human primates found in southern Africa. Membership is open to individuals involved in academics, nature conservation and wildlife management, living or working in southern Africa. Students are actively invited to participate.

Our goals are:

Increase educational awareness of primate diversity in southern Africa
Encourage research on primates in southern Africa
Encourage conservation-oriented management of primate populations in southern Africa

Membership: 75

President: Judith Masters and Trudy Turner

Committees: Meetings/Events
Human - Primate Interactions

Meetings: Meetings usually take place late June/early July. The 13th annual meeting will take place in Cape Town, South Africa the first weekend in July

Grants: None

Last Updated: 2015-03-31

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