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Centre de Rehabilitation des Primates de Lwiro (CRPL)
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Mission: Centre de Rehabilitation des Primates de Lwiro (CRPL) or Lwiro Primates was founded in 2003 with the arrival of Its first orphan chimpanzee. Since its inception CRPL has taken in over 50 chimpanzees and 60 monkeys representing over 10 different species. CRPL plays a vital role in caring for confiscated wildlife and in putting a stop to the illegal animal trade in DRC.

As the only chimpanzee and monkey sanctuary in the kivu region, the CRPL acts as a crucial resource for all conservation organizations working in the area.

Currently housing over one hundred primates, CRPL has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years. With this growth, the Centre has embarked on large scale infrastructure development and creative ways to accommodate the vast influx of animals.

Last Updated: 2011-10-05

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