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Population dynamics of Alouatta fusca (October 1996 - ongoing)
Field Study in the Americas
Location of Site: BRAZIL, Minas Gerais

Director: Sergio L. Mendes
Phone: 55 027 335.7257   Fax: 55 027 335.7250   E-Mail:
Av. Mal. Campos 1468, Maruipe, Vitoria, Espirito Santo 29040-090 BRAZIL
Department: Departamento de Biologia
Institution: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo

Sponsoring Institution(s): Museu de Biologia, Prof. Mello Leitoa, Margot March BiodiversityFoundation

Research Objectives: To study the social structure, group stability, and other aspects of population dynamics in a long term perspective

Field Positions and Volunteers: n/a

Species Studied: Alouatta guariba (red-and-black howler)

Other Species at Site: Brachyteles arachnoides (southern muriqui), Callithrix flaviceps (buffy-headed marmoset), Cebus apella (tufted capuchin)

Last Updated: 2000-07-30

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