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CRP Simenti (2007)
Field Study in Africa
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Location of Site: SENEGAL, Niokolo Koba National Park

Director: Julia Fischer
Phone: +495513851258   Fax: +49551 3851372   E-Mail:
Kellnerweg 4, Goettingen 37077 GERMANY
Department: Cognitive Ethology
Institution: German Primate Center

Sponsoring Institution(s): German Primate Center

Research Objectives: We study a group of Guinea baboons comprising more than 300 individuals since 2007. Their home range spans about 25 km² and several individuals are fitted with radio or GPS collars. Together with the Senegalese field assistants, we conduct full and half day follows.

We combine behavioural observations, analysis of ranging patterns using GPS data, population genetics, acoustic analyses and vegetation measurements to examine the relation among ecology, social system and vocal behaviour. A specific focus is on the seasonal changes in ecology and social organisation. In addition, we study the vocal behaviour of the green monkeys. Within a comparative framework, our goal is to identify the selective pressures and constraints that shape primate social and vocal behaviour. We are particularly interested in uncovering the cognitive underpinnings of life in a complex social system and how the vocal communication is used to coordinate group movement.

Species Studied: Chlorocebus sabaeus (green monkey), Papio papio (Guinea baboon)

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