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Gishwati National Conservation Park (December 200t - indefinite)
Field Study in Africa
Web Site:
Location of Site: RWANDA

Director: Benjamin B. Beck
Phone: 301 802 2639   Fax: 515 243 8997   E-Mail: bbeck@greatapetrust,org
1515 Linden Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 UNITED STATES
Institution: Great Ape Trust

Sponsoring Institution(s): Great Ape Trust/Earthpark

Research Objectives: Study of 1) behavioral ecology of a small isolated group of chimpanzees; 2) dynamics and restoration of a 1,400 ha forest fragment; 3) metapopulation management of eastern chimpanzees; 4) community-based conservation.

Field Positions and Volunteers: Volunteers and students accepted based on submitted proposals and availability of support.

Species Studied: Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii (East African chimpanzee)

Other Species at Site: Cercopithecus kandti (golden monkey)

Publications: Chimpanzee Corridor Proposed; Science; 28 March 2008

Comments: See for complete details. In-Country Coordinator, Gishwati Area Conservation program, is Madeleine Nyiratuza. Principal Investigator is Dr Rebecca Chancellor. Rwandan counterpart organization is Ministry of Environment and Lands.

Last Updated: 2010-03-11

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