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Chimpanzee habitat use in the Bafing area (1/1/2004-1/1/2005)
Field Study in Africa
Location of Site: MALI, Old Solo village area

Director: Chris S. Duvall
Phone: 1-505-277-2665   Fax: 1-505-277-3614   E-Mail:
MSC 01-1110, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131 UNITED STATES
Department: Department of Geography
Institution: University of New Mexico

Sponsoring Institution(s): US Fish and Wildlife Service, Wildlife Conservation Society, Conservation International, Milwaukee Zoo, University of Wisconsin

Research Objectives: Identify habitat preferences of chimpanzees based on systematic surveys, and evaluate impacts of human settlement on chimpanzee habitat

Species Studied: Pan troglodytes verus (Western chimpanzee)

Other Species at Site: Chlorocebus pygerythrus (vervet), Erythrocebus patas (patas monkey), Galago senegalensis (lesser bushbaby), Papio papio (Guinea baboon)

Publications: Duvall, C.S. 2008. Chimpanzee diet in the Bafing area, Mali. African Journal of Ecology 46(4): 679-683.
Duvall, C.S. 2008. Human settlement ecology and chimpanzee habitat selection in Mali. Landscape Ecology. 23(6): 699-716.
Duvall, C.S. 2007. Human settlement and baobab distribution in southwestern Mali. Journal of Biogeography 34(11): 1947-1961.
Duvall, C.S. 2000. Important habitat for chimpanzees in Mali. African Study Monographs 21(4): 173-203.
Moore, J. J. 1985. Chimpanzee survey in Mali, West Africa. Primate Conservation 6: 59-63.

Last Updated: 2010-03-10

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