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The Barbary Macaque Project (January 2008)
Field Study in Africa
Web Site:
Location of Site: MOROCCO, Middle Atlas Mountains

Director: Bonaventura Majolo (co-director Prof. Mohamed Qarro)
Phone: +44-01522-837015   Fax: +44-01522-886026   E-Mail:
Brayford Pool, Lincoln LN6 7TS UNITED KINGDOM
Department: School of Psychology
Institution: University of Lincoln

Sponsoring Institution(s): University of Lincoln

Research Objectives: This is a longitudinal project aiming to analyse various aspects of the socio-ecology of the Barbary macaque. Current projects include: 1) the effect of group size and food competition on grooming and conflict management; 2) co-operation, social bonds and stress in male macaques (in collaboration with Prof. Julia Ostner and Dr. Oliver Schülke, University of Göttingen, Germany); 3) causes and consequences of between-group competition; 4) effect of provisioning on stress and behaviour (in collaboration with Roehampton University, U.K.); 5) parasite infection (in collaboration with Ghent University, Belgium)

Species Studied: Macaca sylvanus (Barbary macaque)

Last Updated: 2010-12-01

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