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Centro Nacional de Pesquisa e Conservação de Primatas Brasileiros
Conservation Agency
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Director: Leandro Jerusalinsky
João Pessoa BRAZIL
Affiliations: ICMBio

Mission: The mission of the National Center for Research and Conservation of Brazilian Primates - CPB is to organize and improve the available information about the primates of Brazil and to promote the adequate management and use for its conservation. CPB do it trough field researches, development of databanks and coordination of inter-institutional efforts, using the principles of strategic planning for species conservation.
As a specialized center of the Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade â ICMBio (the institution of the Brazilian Environment Ministry in charge of protected areas and threatened species), it develops scientific activities and provides technical assistance in all matters related to the Brazilian primates to improve the actions of ICMBio for the conservation of endangered species, the management of wild populations involved in epidemiological cycles, and any other issue related to wild populations or captive species Brazilian primates.

Clientele: Researchers investigating wild or captive primate populations in Brazil.
Zoos maintaining threatened Brazilian primates.
Conservationist or environment agencies.

Principal Research Programs: The CPB maintains an updated database on systematics, geographic distribution, biology and ecology of 127 taxa of Brazilian primates currently recognized, with periodic survey of scientific articles and technical reports. This knowledge base is used both in the preparation of technical reports for the issuance of various types of leave, and in response to several queries on primates, from the identification of animals seized by clinical decisions.

The CPB has inventory and mapping of the occurrence of wild populations of four species of primates: the titi monkey (Callicebus coimbrai and Callicebus barbarabrownae), howler monkeys-of-hands-redheads do Maranhão (Alouatta belzebul ululata) and monkey caiarara (Cebus kaapori).

Last Updated: 2010-07-15

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