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Gorilla Pathology Study Group, University of Cambridge, Department of Veterinary Medicine (Established 2008)
Professional Society

Phone: +44 7940 571340   E-Mail:
Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0ES UNITED KINGDOM

Mission: 1. To establish a focus within Africa for study of the pathology of the mountain and lowland gorillas (Gorilla species).
2. To make data on pathology available to others who work with gorillas, so that they can be applied to the conservation and management of these species in the field.
3. To publish scientific and popular reports on pathological changes in gorillas and on the application of the information obtained from such studies to the promotion of the health, welfare and conservation of the species.
4. To provide training in pathology and other investigative techniques for young veterinarians, biologists and others, especially in Africa.
5. To establish reference collections of normal and pathological material from gorillas and, in conjunction with established institutions, to make this material freely available for study, research and teaching.
6. To organise, both independently and in collaboration with other bodies, workshops and meetings on topics relevant to study of the health and diseases of gorillas and other primates.
7. To recognise and to publicise more widely the contributions made to our understanding of the biology and diseases of gorillas, both in the past and at present, by African scientists and fieldworkers.

Membership: 30

President: Co-ordinators:
John E Cooper
Lee Koma
Mwebi Ogeto

Secretary: Sally Dowsett

Meetings: A Workshop on Primate Pathology is scheduled for 2010 in Kenya/Uganda

Publications: Electronic communication on a regular basis with members and other interested persons (the GPSG Links List)

Grants: None yet

Comments: Our Group is still evolving. We shall be able to expand on and update the information above very soon. Thank you for this opportunity to publicise our existence and our work.

Last Updated: 2009-08-18

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