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US Primate Rescue & Sanctuary Inc. (Established 2009)
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Director: Rich Foreman
Phone: 574-457-9296   Fax: 574-307-1420   E-Mail:
202 N Huntington St., Syracuse, Indiana 46567 UNITED STATES
Department: Director
Affiliations: none

Mission: Our objective and mission is to do everything in our power to attempt to see that every exotic bird or primate that we come in contact with, is properly housed,enriched to the fullest.Socialized properly,with a nutritional diet including foraging,vitamins and nutrients essential to maintaining the level of health need to be happy and healthy.We also strive to see that ever primate is properly resocialized to a partner under every circumstance.We fight to see that exotic natural habitat is kept in its natural state,We Petition against the illegal trade of exotics as pets.

Clientele: General Public,
Research Facilities,Zoos,Pet Owners,
Local,State,Federal Authorities,
Unwanted Primates

Principal Research Programs: Wildlife Natural Habitat Fund

Primate Injury fund for primate injured victims

Illegal pet trade Fund

Bushmeat project fund

New State of the Art Primate Sanctuary & Exhibit Fund

just to name a few

Training Opportunities: We do not have an internship program in place at this time.
We do although educate thru media,schools,public awareness events thru fundraisers,exotic events,

Financial Aid: not at this time.

Number of Staff: 5/7

Associated Field Sites: Our Organizations program has a main focus on the well being,enrichment,proper care,housing,health,resocialization, and maintenance of primates,their natural habitats.
As well as the fight of illegal exotic pet trade.
Education on pet ownership,inhumane situations,to provide a safe permanent home for these exotic animals to live out the remainder of there lives in a happy healthy situation and in an environment simulating their natural habitats.

Publications: In the Process of Creating a quarterly news letter called U.S.Primates to be ready in early 2010

Comments: We developed the Rescue & Sanctuary due to our concern with the welfare of exotic animals and their habitats and the concern of the general publics lack of knowledge on pet ownership.Visit us at for more information on who we are and what we do.

Last Updated: 2009-05-22

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