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Bioculture (Mauritius) Ltd.

Phone: 230-626-2843   Fax: 230-626-2844  
Senneville, Riviere de Anguilles Mauritius

Mission: Bioculture (Mauritius) Ltd., established in 1984, supplies naturally occurring B-virus, SRV and SIV free Macaca fascicularis to the Biomedical Research Community through its distributors, Shamrock (GB) Ltd. and Charles River BRF, Inc. for North America and Japan. Bioculture has over 4000 females in established breeding groups which produce an average of 3000 weaned exportable offspring yearly. As cynomolgus monkeys are an introduced pest to Mauritius, Bioculture also has a permit to export conditioned, quality feral animals through its distributors. Bioculture and its customers help conservation in a direct sense by paying $50 (US) for every monkey exported (bred or feral) to the Government of Mauritius Conservation Fund. Bioculture is an ISO 9002 registered company.

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