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Ecology of Formosan macaques, Macaca cyclopis, at Mt. Longevity (Project in operation since 1993)
Field Study in Asia
Location of Site: TAIWAN, Mt. Longevity

Director: Dr. Minna J. Hsu
Phone: 886-75252000 ext. 3623   Fax: 886-75253623   E-Mail:
Department of Biological Sciences, Kaohsiung 80424 TAIWAN
Department: Department of Biological Sciences
Institution: National Sun Yat-sen University

Sponsoring Institution(s): National Sun Yat-sen University

Research Objectives: A long-term field study to investigate the demography, ecology, social behavior and conservation of free-ranging Formosan macaques, Macaca cyclopis, at Mt. Longevity, Taiwan has been in operation since January 1995. The main objectives of the project are (i) to monitor the population dynamics and demographic changes of macaques, (ii) to collect long-term ecological and social behavior data of Formosan macaques, and (iii) to develop conservation and management plans for the macaques and their habitats at Mt. Longevity, Taiwan.

Field Positions and Volunteers: Volunteers are welcome to work in the project during the summer and winter vacations. Students can also do their field projects. Students and volunteers can learn about field primatology and especially the behavior and ecology of Formosan macaques.

Species Studied: Macaca cyclopis (Taiwanese macaque)

Last Updated: 2008-09-09

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