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Primates Incorporated (Established 2004)
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Director: Amy Kerwin
Phone: 608-220-2166   E-Mail:
PO Box 7384, Madison, Wisconsin 53707 UNITED STATES
Affiliations: independent nonprofit

Mission: Primates Incorporated is raising funds to construct a primate sanctuary in southern Wisconsin. The sanctuary will provide retirement to a maximum of 75 monkeys who are retired from research facilities, the exotic pet trade, and the entertainment industry. Approximately 68,000 monkeys are housed in research facilities and thousands more are bought and sold in the exotic pet trade. Many of these monkeys have been sent to sanctuaries across the United States and several of the sanctuaries are reaching their capacity. Since there are so many primates in need of retirement, Primates Incorporated ultimately aims to serve as a prototype for other citizens to create and run sustainable primate sanctuaries in their own communities.

Principal Research Programs: The nonprofit provides free resources on their website through their meeting summaries and website links that review principles in nonprofit management, positive reinforcement training, animal welfare act legislation, and primate welfare.

Training Opportunities: Primates Incorporated lists volunteer duties on its website that include internet research and document editing.

Financial Aid: no

Number of Staff: 50

Publications: Monthly meeting summaries are accessible at the website.

Last Updated: 2009-05-29

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