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Bonobo Conservation Initiative
Conservation Agency
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Director: Sally Coxe (President)
Phone: 202-332-1014   E-Mail:
2701 Connecticut Ave. NW #702, Washington, District of Columbia 20008 UNITED STATES

Mission: The Bonobo Conservation Initiative mission is to promote the conservation of the bonobo and its tropical forest habitat in the Congo Basin. BCI is conducting bonobo surveys, establishing protected areas, building the capacity of its Congolese partners and indigenous communities through cooperative conservation and community development programs, and increasing global awareness about bonobos.

Principal Research Programs: BCI and local partners provide training in biological and sociological survey methodology, mapping, and information exchange programs. BCI is engaged in joint bonobo and in-situ biological research programs with Harvard University and training and research programs with the Centre de Recherche en Ecologie et Foresterie (CREF) under the DRC Ministry of Science.

Training Opportunities: The Djolu Technical College for Conservation and Sustainable Development was started in 2003 by the Bonobo Conservation Initiative and international conservation and sustainable development organizations, including BCI local partner, Vie Sauvage, a grassroots conservation/community development NGO in the Djolu territory.<br /><br />BCI and Vie Sauvage worked with regional authorities to establish the only institute of higher learning within a 40,000 square mile area in the heart of the bonobo habitat. The curriculum includes: General Agriculture, Harnessing Technology, Forestry Sylviculture, Agricultural Techniques, Animal Husbandry, Hygiene and Public Health, Agricultural Economics, Marketing, Environmental Management, Ecology, Sociology and Community Development, Rural Administration, Land Law, and more.<br /><br />The Djolu Technical College supports the training and education of local future conservation and development leaders in sustainable agriculture, micro-enterprise management and conservation education. One goal is to establish a scholarship program and increase opportunities for more students throughout the region. BCI will be developing internships and coordinating activities in conjunction with the USDA Food for Progress program with the South-East Consortium for International Development. This may include agricultural testing and multiplication fields.

Associated Field Sites: Kokolopori, Lomela-Sankuru, Botuali, Mabali, Lilungu, Monieka, Lac Tumba, Nkosso, Mbie Mokele, Lonua, Mompano, Samba, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Supported Species: Pan paniscus (bonobo)

Publications: "Bonobo News"

Last Updated: 2007-08-04

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