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Mission: Courses dedicated to general primate biology (lectures and seminars) and primate husbandry, nutrition and handling - NA4 General information about the course series: Six courses will be held from April 2007 until April 2008 at the German Primate Center, each several days on a special topic of primatology. The course series is conducted within Network Activity 4 as a part of EUPRIM-Net.The courses include lectures by experts from the different fields and discussions. You can apply for each course separately Targeted Audience All the courses are addressed to: Scientists and students new to primate research Experienced scientists involved in primate research who need to update and extend their knowledge of primate biology Veterinarians and animal caretakers working in primate centres, industry, zoological gardens or any other institution housing and working with primates Scientists and students from primate habitat countries

Training Opportunities: 1st course: Primate diversity, morphology and natural history - 16-19/04/2007 Please note: Primate nutrition - this course has been postponded to Feb./March 2008 2nd course: Primate social systems, reproduction, and breeding - 24-26/10/2007 3rd course: Primate behaviour, environmental enrichment; ethical and legal aspects of primate research - 29/10/2007 - 01/11/2007 4th course: Primate diseases and health problems - 26-29/11/2007 5th course: Environmental enrichment, handling; ethical and legal aspects of primate research - 14-18/01/2008 6th course: Primate nutrition - 04-07/02/2008 for further information, please have a look on following Internet page:

Financial Aid: Fees: Academics and professionals: 50 Euro Students and unemployed persons: 25 Euro Partners of EUPRIM-Net and persons from primate habitat countries: free

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