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African Conservation Foundation
Conservation Agency
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Director: Arend de Haas
Phone: +255 744 653881   E-Mail:
P.O. Box 105209, Msasani, Dar Es Salaam TANZANIA

Mission: The African Conservation Foundation is working towards the protection and conservation of Africa's endangered wildlife and their habitats. Founded in 1999, ACF fills a unique niche by creating an Africa-wide network for information exchange and capacity building of conservation efforts in the region. ACF's mission is to support and link African conservation initiatives, groups and NGOs, with the aim of strengthening their capacity, building partnerships and promoting effective communication and co-ordination of conservation efforts.

Principal Research Programs: Great ape research and conservation, establishment of protected areas, community development, education and awareness raising.

Training Opportunities: Training of African students and young professionals - internships.

Associated Field Sites: Lebialem Highlands, SW Cameroon.

Supported Species: Gorilla gorilla diehli (Cross River gorilla), Mandrillus leucophaeus (drill), Pan troglodytes vellerosus (Nigeria chimpanzee)

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Last Updated: 2009-05-23

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