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Management of fragmented highland forest in south central Madagascar. (October 2001.)
Field Study in Africa
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Location of Site: MADAGASCAR, Ialatsara Ambohimahasoa

Director: Rajaona Daniel
Ialatsara BP09, Ambohimahasoa, Fianarantsoa MADAGASCAR
Institution: Lemur Forest Camp.

Sponsoring Institution(s): Ialatsara development ecotourism ( I.A.D.E) Place partners like Conservation International and others.

Research Objectives: 1 Sustainable management of tropical highland rainforest. 2 Study of adaptive lemur behaviour in fragmented rainforest 3 Rainforest rehabilitation 4 Contribute to the eastern rainforest corridor.

Field Positions and Volunteers: â¢Ialatsara lemur forest camp invites researcher, conservationist and ecotourism scientists to visit and work here. â¢Facilities include comfortable permanent tents, electricity and a small restaurant.

Species Studied: Propithecus edwardsi (Milne-Edward's sifaka)

Other Species at Site: Cheirogaleus (dwarf lemur), Eulemur rubriventer (red-bellied lemur), Hapalemur griseus (grey gentle lemur), Lepilemur (sportive lemur), Microcebus rufus (brown mouse lemur)

Comments: Lemur forest camp welcomes students witches have their own research funds. This is a private rainforest reserve, independent of government and non-governmental organisation, and the research objectives should contribute to the needs of the company.

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