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South East Asian Primatological Association (SEAPA) (Established 2005)
Professional Society
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Mission: The SEAPA was formally launched on April 4, 2005 during the first Southeast Asian Congress of Primatology held in Jakarta, Indonesia from April 3-7, 2005. The SEAPA, whose mission is "To promote and enhance the scientific knowledge and the conservation of primates in the ASEAN Member Countries (AMCs), particularly in their natural habitats" comprise four main goals: 1. To promote the interest in, and enhance the quality of scientific investigations and conservation efforts on primates in the AMCs, particularly among the AMC nationals. 2. To develop and enhance the capacity of AMC nationals in conducting in-situ scientific research and conservation activities on primates in the AMCs. 3. To serve as the focal point for networking among primatologists and other parties interested in promoting the goals of SEAPA. 4. To provide a better representation of primatologists from AMCs, or of their collective opinions, to international primatological meetings.

Membership: 50

President: Dr. Jatna Supriatna (Indonesia), E-mail:

Vice President: 1. Vice President for Research and Conservation: Dr. Le Xuan Canh (Vietnam), E-mail:
2. Vice President for Networking and Capacity Development: Dr. Perry Ong (Philippines), E-mail:
3. Vice President for communication : Assoc.Prof.Dr. Badrul Munir Md.Zain,
E-mail :

Secretary: Secretary General: Dr. Ramesh Boonratana (Thailand), E-mail:

Treasurer: Dr. Noviar Andayani (Indonesia), E-mail:


Last Updated: 2009-05-24

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