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Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project, Inc. (Established 1986)
Conservation Agency
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Director: Dr. Mike Cranfield
Phone: 410-396-7102   Fax: 410-396-0300   E-Mail:
c/o Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, Druid Hill Park, Baltimore, Maryland 21217 UNITED STATES

Mission: The MGVP improves the sustainability of the mountain gorilla populations by: Monitoring the health of the population; Providing health care; Conducting relevant health studies; and Disseminating information.

Principal Research Programs: Field veterinary program for mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda, DRC. Field veterinary monitoring program for eastern lowland gorillas in DRC. Field veterinary training program for in-country veterinarians and veterinary students. Employee health program for gorilla field workers in Rwanda and DRC. Mountain gorilla health research and pathology program in Rwanda, Uganda, and DRC. Veterinary care for confiscated primate orphans thoroughout the region.

Training Opportunities: none currently

Financial Aid: none currently

Number of Staff: 9

Associated Field Sites: Regional Headquarters in Ruhengeri/Musanze, Rwanda, focused on all field programs. Dr. Felicia Nutter, Regional Field Veterinarian, Musanze, Rwanda.

Publications: in development

Comments: The Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project was originally established as the Volcano Veterinary Center by the Morris Animal Foundation at the request of Dian Fossey. Oversight of MGVP was transferred to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore in 2005.

Last Updated: 2009-05-27

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