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State Univ. of New York, College of Technology at Delhi
Veterinary Technology
(Established 1964)
Educational Program
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Director: Dawn A. Dutka, D.V.M.
Phone: 607.746.4271   Fax: 607.746.4208   E-Mail:
2 Main Street, Delhi, New York 13753 UNITED STATES
Department: Veterinary Science Technology
Institution: State Univ. of New York, College of Technology at Delhi
Affiliations: American Association of Laboratory Animal Science and American Veterinary Association

Mission: Veterinary Technician Licensed veterinary technicians (LVT) are employed by veterinarians in small, large, and mixed animal practices. The LVT's role is comparable to that of the registered nurse and other medical technicians in human medicine. Their professional duties may include, but are not limited to, surgical and medical nursing, laboratory testing, and radiographic procedures under the supervision of licensed veterinarians and LVT's. Graduate may also practice in veterinary and technical colleges, zoos, public health services, government, military service, private industry and other animal science-related fields. The program also provides opportunities to participate in continuing education for Veterinary Technicians.

Principal Research Programs: Although researhc is not our focus, our students do have an opportunity to work in the area of training and psychological well-being through environmental enrichment and social enrichment. The trianing includes: work in husbandry, health care, and biomethodology.

Training Opportunities: College VETS 280 - Applied Primatology Credits: 2.00 This elective course provides an introduction to the biology, husbandry and health care of non-human primates used in biomedical research. Students receive hands-on experience in catching and restraining monkeys, administering drugs and compounds, and collecting samples from them. The necessary skills in handling Old World monkeys in a laboratory setting are reviewed. Prerequisites: Lab Animal Option, VETS 130, VETS 160, and/or permission of the instructor (2: 1.5, 2) Prerequisites: VETS 160 Minimum Grade: C

Financial Aid: Yes, we provide financial aid as associated with the FAFSA and scholarships and assistantships provide by AALAS and foundations and supporters.

Number of Staff: 16

Associated Field Sites: Our students participate in summer internships at zoos and in biomedical research facilities that have primate colonies.

Supported Species: 10 Macaca fascicularis (long-tailed macaque)

Last Updated: 2006-02-21

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