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Kipunji conservation status assessment (Sept 2005 - June 2006)
Field Study in Africa
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Location of Site: TANZANIA, Udzungwa Mountains

Director: Trevor Jones
East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT UNITED KINGDOM
Institution: Anglia Ruskin University

Sponsoring Institution(s): Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, Fauna and Flora International

Research Objectives: To survey the maximum possible range of this newly-discovered primate in the Udzungwa Mountains, to make informed estimate of abundance and IUCN red list assessment; to collect preliminary ranging, feeding and other ecological data; and to assess threats and make conservation recommendations.

Field Positions and Volunteers: Field assistants already recruited in-country. I am not currently able to support volunteers. Enquiries welcome.

Species Studied: Lophocebus kipunji (highland mangabey)

Other Species at Site: Cercopithecus mitis (blue monkey), Colobus angolensis palliates (Angola colobus), Galago orinus (Uluguru bushbaby), Piliocolobus gordonorum (Uzungwa red colobus)

Last Updated: 2006-05-26

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